1. wcwilon1's Avatar
    I have an IPOD touch that will only stay on while hooked to the charger, battery looks to be full charge. Any sugestions?
    09-27-2011 05:57 PM
  2. dwfw's Avatar
    How old is it? Sounds to me like a battery failure.
    09-27-2011 07:32 PM
  3. sedaStefSes's Avatar
    Really strange
    10-03-2011 05:39 AM
  4. UnifiedTechs's Avatar
    I would agree it is a battery failure, I would guess the device is a few years old?
    10-07-2011 10:21 AM
  5. Pathtek4's Avatar
    I saw a tutorial on Youtube about how to replace the battery in one. I did it with some house hold tools and just ordered a battery off ebay to do it with. It was a 2nd Generation, and I didn't really use it all that much, but I that itch to take something apart. If its already broken, you can't make it any worse. Give it a shot
    10-07-2011 10:24 AM
  6. andrewjanderson's Avatar
    Sounds like time for a battery swap. Most devices that give this indication either need the battery re-seated or need a replacement.
    10-11-2011 11:04 AM
  7. boringduoduo's Avatar
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