1. manolopzo's Avatar
    I'll take blue or black, and then crank it up while David Gilmour is soloing on Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)
    09-09-2011 05:20 PM
  2. philgbear's Avatar
    I love the blue ones, they look awesome. These would be absolutely perfect for my backpacking trips - my wife and I always have to listen to our headphones so this would be great for base camp!
    09-09-2011 05:28 PM
  3. misskace#IM's Avatar
    A pink one. Fave song: Can you believe Robin Thicke
    09-09-2011 05:29 PM
  4. Bluecanary's Avatar
    I'd want the Black one, so I can listen to Beautiful Day by U2.
    09-09-2011 05:40 PM
  5. naturalbboy's Avatar
    Black one definitely
    Song: The Weeknd - The Zone
    09-09-2011 05:40 PM
  6. tmeyn's Avatar
    Wouldlove to bump MJ's Billie Jean on a black boom!
    09-09-2011 05:42 PM
  7. Rjp9200's Avatar
    The pink one. So my wife can jam out to Knee Deep by The Zac Brown Band.
    09-09-2011 05:42 PM
  8. Jmsully's Avatar
    I would like the black one to match my iTouch 4 case. Favorite song:The Lazy Song
    09-09-2011 05:53 PM
  9. menomonee's Avatar
    Hot Rod Lincoln
    09-09-2011 05:58 PM
  10. shcole's Avatar
    Any color...I just really need one!
    09-09-2011 06:11 PM
  11. matthod's Avatar
    I'd take black and bust Coffee and Wine by Chadwick Stokes all day long.
    09-09-2011 06:15 PM
  12. VictorBmellow's Avatar
    Send me a Black One. I'll be cranking up Radiohead's Idioteque on it!
    09-09-2011 06:16 PM
  13. mrenep's Avatar
    I have a spot right on my desk for the black one so all of my cubicle buddies within shouting distance can hear Love Rollercoaster by the RHCP all day long.
    09-09-2011 06:18 PM
  14. grantwolsey's Avatar
    The black one! And my favorite song is of course "Where Is My Mind" by The Pixies!
    09-09-2011 06:41 PM
  15. alissa.marie's Avatar
    The pink one would make a lovely addition to my home while playing Underoath- Reinventing Your Exit... Is that kind of ironic?
    09-09-2011 06:47 PM
  16. flipish5's Avatar
    I bet the black one would make "Sexy and I know it" from LMFAO even sexier!
    09-09-2011 06:50 PM
  17. JoesMimi's Avatar
    I've love to have the black one but any color would do. What would I listen to? Birth of the Beat.
    09-09-2011 06:56 PM
  18. Daspoo's Avatar
    Man, I'd love one of these in black! And my fav song? Too many to really choose!! But, under the gun I'd have to say London Elektricity - Sat Nav - you should check it out!

    09-09-2011 07:04 PM
  19. Oliverf's Avatar
    I would love the blue or black one. These look awesome.

    Fave song: So much trouble in the world - Bob Marley
    09-09-2011 07:18 PM
  20. chrishull's Avatar

    I gotta go a little old school with "Midnight Train To Georgia" by Gladys Knight and the Pips.
    09-09-2011 07:31 PM
  21. Enzo83's Avatar
    I'd love a blue boom. Fave song is: Foreigner - I want to know what love is.
    09-09-2011 07:38 PM
  22. Hammerhead#IM's Avatar
    I would love the pretty pink one. My favorite song at the moment is The Red Hot Chili Peepers, The Adventures of Raindance Maggie- oh oh oh oh oh!
    09-09-2011 07:40 PM
  23. Hammerhead#IM's Avatar
    Make that PEPPERS doh -
    09-09-2011 07:41 PM
  24. BeyondtheTech's Avatar
    My kids like the blue one!

    "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes is our favorite song right now.
    09-09-2011 07:41 PM
  25. gordo8631's Avatar
    I'm diggin the black one I'm pretty sure it's saying " please let me blast out hello Mexico by sparks the rescue for you!"
    09-09-2011 07:49 PM
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