1. trevorly08's Avatar
    Really like the Blue one! and favorite song is Love on Top by Beyonce!
    09-10-2011 03:25 PM
  2. TeaTimeAlice's Avatar
    I would love the blue boom and my song of choice would be 1940 by The Submarines <3
    09-10-2011 03:27 PM
  3. pntbldan's Avatar
    I'd love a black one to rock some Styx - Renegade!
    09-10-2011 03:35 PM
  4. Scott21's Avatar
    The black one would sound great jamming "Girl is on My Mind" by The Black Keys
    09-10-2011 03:48 PM
  5. apdreyes's Avatar
    black please
    ATB - gold
    09-10-2011 04:05 PM
  6. cubanhoya's Avatar
    I will bump some Celine dion with the black one!
    09-10-2011 04:08 PM
  7. tamiam#IM's Avatar
    All the colors rock like my favorite song Here come My Girl by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers!!
    09-10-2011 04:15 PM
  8. BigDog120's Avatar
    I really like the black one- All ready to play "The Book of Mormon" through them!
    09-10-2011 04:24 PM
  9. boto's Avatar
    ill take the black all day!!! listening to the smooth island musics that mellos me out =]
    09-10-2011 05:55 PM
  10. jimmyparky's Avatar
    I want the blue one and my song is 'Just Dance' by Lady gaga.
    09-10-2011 06:06 PM
  11. mr.saving's Avatar
    This would make a great bday gift for me! Black please! <3
    09-10-2011 06:37 PM
  12. TreoToni's Avatar
    I would like a black one and my favorite song has got to be Wheel in the Sky by Journey!!
    09-10-2011 06:47 PM
  13. shyhermit's Avatar
    Black Naztech N15.

    Baby, Please Don't Go by Bob Dylan.
    09-10-2011 06:48 PM
  14. breezybmw's Avatar
    I would love to have these to ROCK OUT with.
    09-10-2011 07:27 PM
  15. lmbrrt's Avatar
    I would love the black one (or blue).

    Bastille Day by Rush (shows age)
    09-10-2011 07:32 PM
  16. bsugarman's Avatar
    Blue's my color. Favorite song: Here, There, and Everywhere.
    09-10-2011 07:45 PM
  17. wynncy12's Avatar
    I want the blue one....and my favorite song is "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds.
    09-10-2011 07:48 PM
  18. andrew.ortwein's Avatar
    I prefer the blue boom. All-time favorite song has to be Bohemian Rhapsody. Thanks!
    09-10-2011 08:18 PM
  19. MadPriest's Avatar
    Blue one would be great (although black one looks more stylish)
    All Saint's Night by Loreena McKennit
    09-10-2011 08:22 PM
  20. tonygz's Avatar
    I'm rollin' with the BLACK one! and it'll be blastin' ma man Mr. Bob Marley's 'No Woman, No Cry' .... JAH!!
    09-10-2011 08:58 PM
  21. haasri's Avatar
    Lady Antebellum Need you now!
    09-10-2011 09:19 PM
  22. swingracex#IM's Avatar
    ill take a black one...

    the devil wears prada - dead throne
    09-10-2011 10:01 PM
  23. Orangejulius's Avatar
    I like the look of the blue, and I'd absolutely use it to play "Largo al factotum" from The Barber of Seville.
    09-10-2011 10:39 PM
  24. madmom's Avatar
    I would love to have the pink one! My favorite song is Lead Me by Sanctus Real.
    09-10-2011 10:53 PM
  25. langolier's Avatar
    That would be black and Vincent.
    09-10-2011 11:08 PM
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