1. Cole World's Avatar
    Hey guys, new to the forum.

    A year ago I got the iTouch. A month later, I dropped it and my screen cracked. Very disappointing. What's even worse is that I gave it to my cousin so he can fix it for me and til this day he still hasn't. He returned it to me with no screen and all taken apart.

    I've never been able to use my iTouch. Does anyone know where I can ship it or go to, regardless the price, so I can get it repaired. Thanks in advance
    08-25-2011 04:10 AM
  2. riley9dy's Avatar
    Think!! When something breaks, you take it back to the place you got it or the company it came from. So, take it to the Apple Store
    08-28-2011 02:10 PM
  3. Omnomnomkimiiee's Avatar
    If your brother took it apart, your warranty is now void. Bring it to a service store other than a Apple Store.

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    08-30-2011 11:42 AM
  4. RjTheGeeK's Avatar
    ok so you can send it to apple and they can see what they can do are you can send it to my store are you can go to a local mall in look for itouch screen replace ment but if you can see the black ink comeing out the screen im sorry but it cant be fix but otherwise if you cant see black ink it csn be fix my store can fix it but u have to send money to get screen replace ment but i think apple do it for free
    09-08-2011 11:59 PM
  5. J3ff's Avatar
    Here's what you do! I've taken apart an iPhone before so it's completely possible to fix this! Google directfox and you can order the parts you are missing and the tools to fix them.I switched an iPhone 4 from black to white with their parts and they also include videos to help you do it.
    09-09-2011 12:11 AM
  6. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    I have changed out the screen before as well, just look for the digitizer + frame combos, you literally connect the ribbon and pop the screen into place. I spent $15.00 for a 3rd Gen on ebay.
    09-09-2011 12:53 AM
  7. Eileen89's Avatar
    Check YouTube. There should be a few tutorials on there that will help you figure out how to fix it yourself.
    09-09-2011 08:26 AM