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    I've got an iPod Touch (2nd Gen I think), and am looking for a Bluetooth headset for it. I realize the mic isn't going to work, but really want to be able to listen to podcasts while I work around the house or outside, etc.

    I listen to many hours of podcasts each week, and my poor earbuds have been ripped off so many times I've lost count. I don't mind if they have a stereo option, but I really only want 1 ear normally.

    So, I'm basically looking for the typical, comfortable, Bluetooth headset like a person would typically use for their iPhone... except that I want to use it for listening to audio. I'm wondering what people would recommend. So far, from my research, it looks like I should probably get a BlueAnt Q1 (nice combo of price and performance)... but it would be nice to hear if this community has other recommendations and why. Thanks, -Steve

    Also, I'm pretty sure the mic just plain doesn't work to be able to use it for Skype and such, correct? Is this just a software limitation Apple has imposed, or something hardware-wise? (I'm not crazy about the idea of jail-breaking... but might consider it for that... especially after I get my iPad and that becomes my primary iOS device.)
    03-10-2011 04:21 AM
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    I currently use a Jawbone Icon paired to my Blackberry Torch and iPod touch 4th gen. Before that I had the Jawbone 2. Can't say anything bad about any of them. With bt headsets you definitely get what you pay for.
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    03-14-2011 12:28 AM
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    I currently use a Jawbone Icon paired to my Blackberry Torch and iPod touch 4th gen. ... With bt headsets you definitely get what you pay for.
    Thanks, I had not considered that one, but it is now added to my list. The features look impressive.

    Yes, I don't really like bt headsets all that much, but I listen to a LOT of podcasts, and the cords really keep getting in the way!
    03-16-2011 04:08 AM
  4. SteveW928's Avatar
    Does the headset work with 3rd gen iPod? and does it have mic? I'm looking for one as well.
    I would guess it will work with 2nd and 3rd gen iPods, though maybe someone can confirm that. As far as I know, the bluetooth ability is the same.

    The mic probably won't work though (the headsets have mics, but they just won't work). The mic also wouldn't work with the iPad as far as I know. I think they (Apple) only enables bt mics on the iPhone. I don't think ANY bt headset mic will work with the iPods or iPads... it is Apple's doing.
    03-16-2011 04:13 AM
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    I use Motorola H17txt on my itouch and viphone4 It works great for me. I do a lot of the same podcasts, sirruis radio, some music although mainly spoken voice. I am a mail carrier and don't need cords flapping around when the weather is good and no jacket to hide them.

    The sound quality is good and the battery, very important to me, is great I can usually get about 5 hours continuous use before i have issues. if your in house i find i can go all around the house and even to the upper level with limited interference if I am not carry the phone with me.
    03-20-2011 07:28 PM