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    Hello, I am trying to fix a friends ipod touch. I've got an iphone 3gs that I've jailbroken so I'm somewhat familiar with their interface. But I am ready to pull out my hair with this ipod!! I cannot get iTunes or my MacBook Pro to recognize it. I have put the ipod into restore mode by holding on/off/sleep & home buttons. The screen shows the iTunes icon with USB plug. Still nothing from iTunes. My iphone and a different ipod touch both connect just fine. Which leads me to believe it's not my computer/usb port/cord. I've also tried connecting it to a PC w/ Windows XP. It says it doesn't recognize the usb device. My Windows knowledge is severely lacking. But I tried to update/uninstall/reinstall the apple mobile device drivers and still nothing worked. So I'm back to my comfort zone on my Mac. I have also tried just holding the home button and then plugging in the cord to force it, but still nothing from iTunes. Is there anything at all that can help get this going again? I'll even try the windows thing again (if absolutely necessary)! lol. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks
    05-24-2010 06:37 PM