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  1. Shyuura's Avatar
    Hello, as a long term android user (for 3 years now, currently using the s7 edge) I have now decided to go back to iOS for a while, haven’t used it since the iPhone 5, but I just can’t decide between the iPhone 7 32GB and the iPhone 6S plus 64GB (don’t want to spend a lot).

    My usage is pretty basic I don’t worry a lot about storage since I save most of my pics and videos on my PC/Cloud, music takes up to 5gb max + streaming services (Spotify + google play music) and most apps I install are lightweight, I am not into mobile gaming and on my android devices apps take up to 6GB (cache included).

    Now my biggest concern is the battery life, I hear that the one on smaller iPhones is terrible while the Plus models offer a greater battery life. I use my phone a lot when outside or at work (heavy usage with data on, mails & web browsing, calls, music etc.) but when home my usage is pretty moderate to light. My second concern is the display, being used to a QHD I am afraid that the resolution on the regular iPhone might not look that good to me, size doesn’t matter a lot (in terms of handling).

    Finally, what I am looking for the most is experiencing iOS and taking a break from android for a while, who knows! Might end up using iPhones for longer than expected. Any advice based on your personal experience or knowledge is very helpful, which one should I get and why? Thank you

    PS: Heard that the 32GB version of the iPhone 7 has slower read/write speed, is it something to be worried about?
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    10-16-2016 05:28 PM
  2. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Welcome to iMore!

    I would suggest the 6s Plus. Your biggest concern seems to be battery life. If you are a heavy user the Plus will have the advantage. The Plus has a pretty good screen, but is not the 7. The 7 has a new Retina HD screen that is 25% brighter and uses a wider colour gamut so it will be a little crisper than the Plus. You will definitely save a little money going with the Plus, especially if your carrier is offering any deals on it.

    As for the speed difference, you would be hard pressed to tell. Not sure why people are concerning themselves by even talking about it. (Does not include you.) That's my thoughts on it and hope it helps some on making your final decision.
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    10-16-2016 05:57 PM
  3. Shyuura's Avatar
    Thank you for your answer, indeed the 6S Plus seems more suitable to me in terms of battery life but just wondering, how does it compare to the regular 7? Also forgot to mention that where I live the 6S plus 64GB is around 80$ cheaper than the 7 32GB, is it worth it?
    10-16-2016 06:28 PM
  4. rolandsa930's Avatar
    I have the same problem here. Can't decide between 6s Plus and the regular 7, both 128gb. In my place the cost is the same for both of them. I'm heavy user and the battery life is the thing that matters the most. Now i have a phone which needs to be recharged 2-3 times per day.
    For you I would rather suggest 6s Plus. It has a 1080p display against 720p on iPhone 7 and battery life is better.
    10-17-2016 04:27 AM
  5. Shyuura's Avatar
    Whatís making me skeptical about the iPhone 6S Plus is how futureproof the device is in terms of performance and possible resale value when itís time to upgrade to the next 2017 iPhone.

    Obviously the 7 is more future proof and it could be good enough for me if the battery can last 12h per day at least, I always charge my phone before sleep because I need it at full capacity in the morning. If a full day of usage (like from 8AM until 8PM) is too much to ask for then Iíll definitely go with the 6S Plus.
    10-17-2016 01:14 PM
  6. tr1ad's Avatar
    Coming from an S+ to the 7 I will say the S+ is way better in terms of battery
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    10-17-2016 01:34 PM

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