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    For those of you running the iOS 9.1 Public beta that will be switching devices later this week, or when the device arrives... here's how to make the switch if you want to run iOS 9.1 on your new phone...

    Step by step...

    1. When the new phone arrives - make an iTunes backup and sync the old phone.
    2. Switch SIM to your new phone, get it powered up, etc.
    3. Enroll your new phone in the beta program and install the Public Beta profile.
    4. Update the new phone to the iOS 9.1 Public Beta
    5. Connect to iTunes and sync & restore the backup of your old device to the new one.

    This should get you where you were on your old device(s) running the iOS 9.1 Public Beta on your new device(s).

    Keep this one thing in mind: You CAN NOT restore an iOS 9.1 Beta backup to a device running iOS 9.0...
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    09-21-2015 10:04 AM
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    Thanks for the heads up Keith!
    10-22-2015 01:03 PM

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