1. LVMHgirl's Avatar
    How many cases have you owned .... Had to do it!! I have about 12 cases for my 5S
    Yikes, here goes...

    For my 5 I've had:

    Speck (5)
    Belkin (4)
    Disney (5)
    Hello Kitty (2)
    Club 33 (3)
    Tech21 Impact Mesh

    My husband has all of the above cases as well except for some Disney, TARDIS and of course the Hello Kitty ones, lol.

    I almost bought the cute Nerd Army case from The Nerd Machine (see pic) but after I got the Tech21 case, I don't want to use anything else!

    We've already bought two Spigen cases each for the 6 and we don't even have it yet!

    Case-a-holics, unite!

    How many phones have you owned in the last 12 months?-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1410633723.979907.jpg
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    09-13-2014 02:57 PM
  2. Doug B's Avatar
    Moto X, Nexus 5, Note 3, iPhone 5S and soon to be 6+. My wife wasn't surprised at all when I told her I was preordering the 6. She just laughed and said I had to feed my addiction. Lmao!

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    09-13-2014 03:28 PM
  3. tigerinexile's Avatar
    iPhone 5, 5s, Blackberry Z30.
    09-13-2014 03:49 PM
  4. mommybetts's Avatar
    iPhone 5, Galaxy note 3 and soon to be iPhone 6 plus

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    09-13-2014 06:39 PM
  5. LadiJae's Avatar
    Note 2 and iPhone 5s
    09-14-2014 03:21 PM
  6. Iamthat_dude's Avatar
    Nexus 4, HTC one M8, Nexus 5, Lg G3, back to nexus 5 and soon to be iPhone 6, I have already been disowned by my wife who has a note 3 and will soon be getting the note 4. Seriously, DISOWNED!! Hahaha
    09-14-2014 07:52 PM
  7. jdhooghe's Avatar
    You can see the phones I've had in my sig. I have had my five close to a year now. It was the only phone that made the itch for the "perfect" phone go away. I guess I found it
    09-14-2014 09:57 PM
  8. trooperoutlaw's Avatar
    1. The iphone 5 since launch 2 years ago.
    09-14-2014 11:04 PM
  9. iTechHead's Avatar
    iPhone 5
    Galaxy Note 3
    iPhone 5s
    Galaxy S5
    09-14-2014 11:30 PM
  10. Stefano_B's Avatar
    Note 3, HTC One M8 (currently love), and 5S (up for sale now).
    09-15-2014 12:42 AM
  11. Evilguppy's Avatar
    And my husband thinks I'm bad!... In the past 12 months, it's been iPhone5, Samsung Note3 and Blackberry Q10. I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way.
    09-15-2014 01:30 AM
  12. calebt's Avatar
    HTC One M7
    Nexus 5
    iPhone 5s

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    09-16-2014 01:19 AM
  13. applejosh's Avatar
    Only had the 5. Usually I don't go more than a year per phone, but I got the 5 in May 2013 and have been pretty happy with it since. I usually try to limit my phones to 1 per year, unless an accident happens. Looking forward to my 6+, hopefully arriving on Friday.
    09-16-2014 08:45 AM
  14. numb3rmonkey's Avatar
    iPhone 4s
    Nexus 5
    iPhone 5s
    09-16-2014 09:17 AM
  15. Larry Cook1's Avatar
    Only the galaxy s4 until I changed to the Iphone 5s.
    09-16-2014 05:12 PM
  16. PeltFrelken's Avatar
    Uno, Moto X.
    Soon to be dos, iPhone 6.
    09-16-2014 07:39 PM
  17. sc00bz's Avatar
    Only the gs3 and 5s this go around. I've simmered down on the phone swapping since coming back to an iphone. It will probably just be a yearly upgrade from here out.

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    09-16-2014 07:40 PM
  18. boomhower1820's Avatar
    Just my 5 since it launched. This is another area where Apple has made things easier. When I was on Android I'd change phone four times a year.
    09-20-2014 08:57 PM
  19. geekymcfly's Avatar
    4 s3 note 3 nexus 5 and now the iPhone 6
    09-20-2014 09:25 PM
  20. canadian nick's Avatar
    BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z30, IPhone 5c (work device) and soon to be BlackBerry passport
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    09-21-2014 12:42 PM
  21. gvndeb60's Avatar
    I have a problem
    IPhone 5S - two of them
    Moto X - 3 total
    Samsung GS4
    Samsung GS5
    Samsung Note 3 - 2 of them
    LG G2
    LG G3
    Sony Z1S
    HTC One M7
    HTC One M8
    OnePlus One
    Nexus 5
    09-21-2014 02:38 PM
  22. Derrick4Real's Avatar
    1, a 4s. For like 3 years I think.
    09-22-2014 01:53 AM
  23. areyes163's Avatar
    IPhone 5s
    Note 3
    Blackberry q10
    LG g3
    LG g2
    Samsung s5
    Moto x
    Blackberry 9930 current work phone
    09-28-2014 08:50 AM
  24. Cleveland's Avatar
    Just my iPhone 5S and now my 6 Plus
    09-28-2014 09:03 AM
  25. E_Brown's Avatar
    iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 5....different one, iPhone 6
    09-28-2014 09:17 AM
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