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    Hey guys!!!

    So, ive been reading, and LOVING all of iMore's what's on.. posts and i got inspired to make one for the forums community, not only because of it but also because i thougt it would be nice to discover new apps trough people's homescreens!! (I hope i didn't sound like a stalker! XD)

    So, Here's what's on m iPhone!!

    What's On Your iPhone?!-photo.png
    So yeah... Nothing really impressing!

    And Now the fun starts!!
    What's On Your iPhone?!-photo-2.png
    My Wallpaper: It's just a double selfie of me in black&white!! (ps. it matches my iPhone bumper)

    Messages: I dont use it much.
    Calendar: Because i'm super busy!
    Photos: I'm a selfie king on instagram, so it's important!
    Utility Folder: Here i put all of the apps that i either DON'T use or use OCASIONALLY.
    Facebook: Which i only give the courtesy check once every 2 days or week.
    Facebook Messenger: The only FB app i like using.
    Instagram: My obsession and where i let the world see my selfie and life!
    Foursquare: I like doing check-ins.....
    Social Folder: Just social apps i use a little (Insta repost, kik, snapchat, telegram, grindr and BBM.)
    Tumblr: Pretty obvious for a teen.
    iMore: Do i need an explanation for this?! i LOVE it!
    Camera: To capture life and share it!
    Notes: Because i tend to forget things a lot!
    Refinery29 Shortcut: My favorite fashion blog!!
    Music: I always love to have some music with me at all times!!

    At the bottom:
    Phone: Calls
    Safari: To explore the web and its places.
    Twitter: Because i need to read what people is saying about the world.
    WhatsApp: My main texting app, since i live in DR ALL o my riends use this app and i love it so much!!

    And Finally my 2nd Homescreen!! (I only have 2 pages)
    What's On Your iPhone?!-photo-3.png

    Photos Folder: Where i edit my instagram pics
    Apps in This Folder
    KeepSafe: I like hiding some photos.
    PhotoGrid: I simply love this app hen i want to make collages its really easy to use and super customizable.
    PicCollage: I like the app and its ability to superimposse pics.
    Pxlr Express: My favorite photo editor as it has LOTS of options to correct a photo and super cute effects!
    InstaSize: The app i use to add the white bars to my photos.
    Flipagram: I can make videos out of my photos ith this app and even add music and my own watermark!!
    Retrica: I love this camera app as you can take a photo and tweak it the way you want it! and it has more than 80+ filters!!

    Shazam: To know the name of the songs i discover at bars and parties!
    Vine: Just when im bored.
    Pinterest: I rarely use it but sometimes i need some inspiration
    UsWeekly Shortcut: Ok, Im blushing! i sometimes like to read tabloids!
    Flipboard: I love this app soo much!! here i read everything about all of the things im into! (Music, fashion, tech, apple, movies, etc...)
    Youtube: Where i spent HOURS in my bed!
    Living & Shopping Folder: Just Amazon, Opera Mini browser, Haaper's Bazaar Emojins (Which i LOVE as they are soo fashion), Popular (My Bank) and JustUnfollow (To see who followed/Unfollowed me.)
    MovieApp: To know what movies are playing.
    iBooks: To read.
    Pocket: Where i read all the articles i have saved on the web.
    Facetime: I use this to contact my friends who are away and also to do silly things!
    Maps: Err i don't use this i just have it there because it looks cute.
    E! Online Shortcut: Because their app is trash.
    MusicDL: I use it to download videos mainly.
    YellowPages DR: The yellow book.
    05-04-2014 04:13 PM
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    05-04-2014 04:17 PM

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