1. tbarker5's Avatar
    I lost mine in the midst of moving. I was so tired I literally think I threw it in the trash . That was a hard lesson to learn!!!
    04-26-2017 12:06 AM
  2. LillyISabelle's Avatar
    did you find it at least
    04-26-2017 12:16 AM
  3. anon(10101748)'s Avatar
    After surgery to remove a growth my dog was on medicine that made him thirsty, thus made him need to go out a lot! On a Friday night I had a massive headache and couldn't sleep. I took Tylenol PM and slept way toooooo looooong. Well my dog wet the bed. Like I mean really wet the bed. Was not a situation where I could just wash the comforter and sheets. So, I wrapped it all up and took it to the compactor in my community.

    When I got back I did a few things and was ready to run out and get new bedding. I couldn't find my phone. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. I called it from my work cell and nothing, nada.

    I figured I'd find it and popped a spare SIM in an old phone and called and activated it. Later that night when I went to go to sleep i couldn't find the TV remote. So I'm like, how did I lose my phone and TV remote the same day? Then I realized the remote and phone were on the bed and must have been wrapped up in the bedding I threw them out in the trash compactor! Yup...I'm that guy. True story.
    05-01-2017 10:42 PM
  4. Taylor Watterson's Avatar
    I have a 1st gen iPod without volume control and no speaker so one afternoon on 8/4/18 I Went to pack my stuff in my bag when my mom said to take my little bag when I got home I didn't find my iPod When On Sunday we found it in my house and now it's missing in my house again. What Should I do 😱😱😱😱😰😰😣😣
    Last edited by Taylor Watterson; 08-07-2018 at 06:31 AM.
    08-07-2018 06:10 AM
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