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    I think the best combo is Android phone and Apple iPad, just because in my experience Android phones are built way better than Android tablets.

    We have two Android phones, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC Evo 4g LTE. My uncle and many friends have iPhones. The battery life is not comparable, especially with Galaxy. My wife can easily get 1.5-2 days of use without recharging. My phone is two years old but I can still get over a day, and I am a heavy user. I can use the phone the entire day, go to bed, use it in the morning, and plug it in when I go to lunch. The screens are noticeably larger, too. Also, if I run low on juice, I can borrow anybody's standard microUSB charger, which helped me a couple times while traveling. ( there's a chance Apple will be forced to go microUSB due to the pending EU regulation).

    I may still look at iPhone when I upgrade my phone, just to see if I may benefit from having two devices run the same OS. But I think I will go for whatever Galaxy they have then. The screen is just so much larger, and the battery life is so far great. Also the latest Galaxy is water resistant, which is a biggie for me, having damaged a phone before while on a canoeing trip.
    03-23-2014 09:18 AM
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    Give it a shot that's what I'm doing, I have had a Mac for a little over a year now and an iPad or iPod her and there, finally I bought a iPhone 5s and an iPad Air and decided I will try and live in this ecosystem for the year and see how it goes, and so far it's been good, a few bugs here and there (that I really wouldn't expect on an iOS device) but all in all a smooth experience short of being forced to use only the stock keyboard.

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    04-09-2014 04:26 AM
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    I've used nothing but the iPhone. I have the 5. I've had it 8 months and am addicted to it. I stay on it 90% of my waking hours. If I start at 5:30 am with 100% charge, I'm down to 20% by 2:30 pm. But I am on it most of the time. I'm retired. I get 45Mbps download on LTE and 30Mbps download on wifi. (Comcast) one big plus for me are the apps. They seem so much better on iPhone. I've used my son's GS4 and although it did have a nice screen, I preferred my iPhone. I like the stability and dependability it affords. I'm looking forward to the iPhone 6.

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    04-09-2014 05:59 AM
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