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    You don't seriously believe the iPhone "blew itself apart" do you??

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    I know it did. I had been trying to set it up for my mom to use this weekend. But it kept rebooting so I brought it back home to mess with.

    I got it out this morning and it was dead, no juice. Was at 80% last night, and it was not being used.

    So I put it on the charger, about 20 minutes later I heard a pop sound and walked over and found it like you see in the pictures.

    The batter has swelled I assume as the back is severely bowed out as well as the screen pushed out.

    What is weird is it was working fine. I put my moms Sim card in and could not get cell data working which I figured would happen. Called att to have them change her account from blackberry data to iPhone data. As soon as I did that the phone kept rebooting.

    Now I know why!

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    02-24-2014 02:08 PM
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