1. rebretz000's Avatar
    Penn State Arboretum. Pictures taken through a kaleidoscope in the kids zone. I held the camera up to the eye piece.
    04-27-2019 05:37 PM
  2. rebretz000's Avatar
    More from Penn State Arboretum.
    04-27-2019 05:50 PM
  3. rebretz000's Avatar
    I took over 50 pictures today.
    04-27-2019 05:55 PM
  4. jstnwlkr's Avatar

    Got my azalea finally in full bloom

    Lovely lilac blooms

    Sun tinted the camera lens. No filter needed lol
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    05-09-2019 02:12 PM
  5. bakron1's Avatar

    Took this with my XS while down in Florida over the winter months.
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    05-21-2019 11:05 AM
  6. rebretz000's Avatar
    Sunset Breckinridge Colorado
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    05-25-2019 09:26 PM
  7. cklum's Avatar
    Post picture(s) taken with your iPhone XS Here!-img-2149.jpg
    06-17-2019 02:10 AM
  8. Putte Kindh's Avatar
    06-17-2019 01:07 PM
  9. Westiemom's Avatar

    Took this today of our new Havanese pup. I love this camera. I've gotten some great shots since last September when I got it.

    Looking forward to the next set of improvements.
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    06-17-2019 01:57 PM
  10. Westiemom's Avatar
    A little editing with the app version of Adobe Photoshop.

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    06-17-2019 01:59 PM
  11. jstnwlkr's Avatar
    06-29-2019 12:09 PM
  12. jstnwlkr's Avatar
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    07-28-2019 09:15 AM
  13. jstnwlkr's Avatar
    08-04-2019 09:05 AM
  14. rebretz000's Avatar
    Storm rolling in
    09-11-2019 06:43 PM
  15. bakron1's Avatar

    Caught this little guy on the picnic table while camping over the Labor Day weekend.
    09-13-2019 04:47 AM
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