1. mach1man's Avatar
    Just wondering if anyone is making the jump to the new S-line up???
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    03-02-2019 12:24 PM
  2. suitebliss's Avatar
    I want to see what Apple is going to offer in Sept, but it’s mighty tempting. That 10 looks nice! Even if I did jump, I would wait for the Note 10.
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    03-02-2019 12:39 PM
  3. ivanwi11iams's Avatar
    To be honest, I need to make good decisions this year. So, my hope, is to not purchase the S10+, but remain with the iPhone XS Max. After all, my iPhone has Apple Care and I have quite a few Apple products, why not use them
    03-02-2019 12:47 PM
  4. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Nope, but I'm curious about what the new Samsung Note will bring to the table.
    03-02-2019 01:20 PM
  5. Tpence2177's Avatar
    Nope. I’m on my Xr for several years. I usually only upgrade once every 3-4 years. Definitely like what Samsung is doing though and may not just blindly upgrade next time.
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    03-02-2019 01:23 PM
  6. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Nope. I joined Team Apple several years ago and don’t plan on switching. The S10+ looks awesome though.
    03-02-2019 02:11 PM
  7. Tartarus's Avatar
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    03-02-2019 02:53 PM
  8. ivanwi11iams's Avatar
    Hmm, 'never' is a rather strong term...
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    03-02-2019 03:33 PM
  9. Tartarus's Avatar
    Hmm, 'never' is a rather strong term...
    Exactly. That’s how radical I am in my opinion regarding Samsung and Android. Hence the bold and italic font.
    03-02-2019 03:45 PM
  10. Spencerdl's Avatar
    That's not what I remember you saying ...LOL
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    03-02-2019 04:38 PM
  11. Tartarus's Avatar
    That's not what I remember you saying ...LOL
    That’s normal. Forgetting stuff comes with age.
    I don’t blame you.
    03-02-2019 04:54 PM
  12. Spencerdl's Avatar
    That’s normal. Forgetting stuff comes with age.
    I don’t blame you.
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    03-02-2019 04:54 PM
  13. Jude526's Avatar
    I jumped off Samsung 3 yrs ago. There new devices do look impressive BUT I have made the expensive investment into the Apple ecosystem and I am quite content. I just got the XS Max and upgraded from Series 3 watch to the 4. Both Android and iOS are great. But I prefer Apple. Apple is ahead on what the watch can do and I like how it fits and all its functions . I have no intentions of switching.
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    03-02-2019 09:12 PM
  14. Jude526's Avatar
    And I really like my XS Max
    03-02-2019 09:12 PM
  15. steveh552's Avatar
    Just wondering if anyone is making the jump to the new S-line up???
    Nope. I tried going back to Samsung for the Note 7 and as we know that phone was da bomb, then back to Iphone and then tried the S8 and then back to Iphone. I have went from the X to the XS max and a series 3 watch to a 4. I am heavily invested in the apple eco system from a macbook to the phone to watch to a home pod and TV. I just dont see myself going to the dark side again.
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    03-02-2019 10:03 PM
  16. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Just wondering if anyone is making the jump to the new S-line up???
    Nah....I’m good with what I have. Besides, iOS still suits me just fine...
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    03-02-2019 11:06 PM
  17. joemd60's Avatar
    I thought Chevy stopped making the S10??
    03-02-2019 11:33 PM
  18. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I thought Chevy stopped making the S10??
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    03-02-2019 11:34 PM
  19. fredriks's Avatar
    No, I'm fine with my XS Max, airpods and S4 watch. Still impressed of my Max and so happy with no lagg
    03-03-2019 04:47 AM
  20. calebt's Avatar
    Not me, until a company comes up with a ecosystem like Apple that I'm comfortable with, I'm staying with Apple and keep an Android device as a second phone so I can stay up to date with Android.
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    03-03-2019 06:09 AM
  21. joemd60's Avatar
    The S 10’s look like solid devices. And the only thing that would push me to Android is the call quality on my iPhone.
    Again, it’s either the network it’s on, the area, or the phone.
    But I doubt I would jump ship, I am very much invested in Apple.
    I do use several Google apps, and products so I wouldn’t say never.
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    03-03-2019 07:06 AM
  22. ab06deg1's Avatar
    I tried android in 2014, after 6 years of iPhone. I wanted the bigger screen but when they released the plus and no split screen I said it’s time to try the other side and I bought the note 3. And note 4 after that (God, that fingerprint sensor shouldn’t have seen the daylight), I wanted the edge note but wasn’t available. I drooled on note 5 release conference but some smart head at Samsung decided that the Europeans don’t want the note so they didn’t launched it in Europe. And finally note 7 launched and they did us the courtesy to let us, Europeans, give them our money. And after two months of extremely poorly managed situation I came back. And let’s just say that even if their phones are foldable or rollable, they have 0 interest from me even looking at them. Though I’m sure they are better than they were 2-3 years ago, I’m done with experiences.
    03-03-2019 07:50 AM
  23. taz323's Avatar
    They look good, but not for me, happy with what i have.
    03-03-2019 08:10 AM
  24. Annie_M's Avatar
    They look nice, but no. I’m an Apple girl, and am too invested in the Apple ecosystem.
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    03-03-2019 11:33 AM
  25. Not Quite Right's Avatar
    I've seen some Ho-Hum reviews about the S10 actually ... just saying ...
    03-03-2019 12:10 PM
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