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    I am going to be switching back to iPhone due to work related concerns. Which is iMessage, it is more reliable than cell networks. I work at a job to where I cannot afford the occasional late or never received text message. Everyone I work with has an iPhone. While I don't mind iOS it is most definitely not my preferred phone OS.

    Currently I have the note 9 which I will say is an absolute amazing device. There are some things I am rely on a lot that this phone does. That is the phone is completely automated when it comes to settings such as wifi and ringer volume as well as screen brightness.

    I have it set to when I arrive at the office my ringer turns off when I connect to my work wifi. The ringer then turns on when it connects to my sync 3 in my car. I also have the screen set to dim at 9pm and when I am connect to my wifi the phone is in an unlocked state. I have also set up to where I get notifications on my google home for texts messages. I also have my lights set up to turn off and on based on the phones distance from my room. As you can see this is an insanely powerful device and I have it set up to pretty much do most everything automatically. I used scheduled text messages a lot to send texts automatically at a certain date and time.

    I know that there is a thing called shortcuts for Siri and I am sure I can program a lot of actions to take care of some of these things I have set up. I know for a fact that I cannot get notifications from an iPhone on my google home and I can't turn lights on and off based on phone proximity to my room. Those 2 actions are set up using a program call tasker.

    My question comes down to how much of what I can do with the note 9 can I do with iOS 12 and the XS Max? I also still have a series 3 Apple Watch that I decided to hold onto.

    Thank you in advance for any tips and work arounds.
    12-09-2018 09:37 PM
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    The nigh shift settings and OS managing ambient light satisfy me as far as screen light and tone.

    Is your work a 365/Azure location? As far as other automation I use Microsoft Flow more than Siri shortcuts or IFTT because of the way I depend on the Microsoft apps for work.

    Only you can be really happy or know what you like but I can say a friend who's loved the Note line recently surprised me with seeing iMessages and I learned he got the Max and is very happy. A work associate who never valued spending much got the XR and is happy. The obvious bits behind their satisfaction are more about how well and reliable things are overall more than how much they can customize their phones.

    My understanding that Samsung Note switching guy makes sense where I sure know how to tweak things (30 years in IT) but I like the well designed simple tool with powerful apps. Another friend hates it just as much because he's constantly wanting to full with phone setup, look, and the software running it. That recent switch guy thinks he can do more with the change but it's not about tweaking as much as liking a few apps, the industrial design, and really good network performance. It seems like both of us do not have the radio problems some complain about.
    12-14-2018 06:03 AM

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