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    RhinoShield has done it again with their cases for the iPhone XS and XS Max!! I’m using the SolidSuit carbon fiber design case and the ModNX moddable both of which are solidly built and feel very grippy in the hand.

    The SolidSuit cases come in 6 different styles which include the plain/prints (of which there are many to choose from), leather, carbon, wood, microfiber and leather. The carbon has a very cool zigzag design on the back and it feels very solid. When inserting your phone in the case there’s a very satisfying click letting you know your phone is secure. The buttons are very tactile and have a nice firm click.

    With the SolidSuit case you can have the confidence that your phone will be protected and also look stylish at the same time. Now if you’re the type of person who likes to change case a lot then look no further than your one stop customizing shop in the ModNX case from RhinoShield!


    •Amazing quality
    •Great travel and tactile feedback from buttons
    •Solid protection from phone
    •Great variety in choices


    •A little pricey at $39
    •Cutouts for volume and camera aren’t symmetrical
    •Taking phone out of case takes some gusto

    I’d definitely recommend any of the RhinoShield cases without hesitation as I think they are some the best cases made on the market.

    Now let’s talk about the ModNX case!

    The ModNX case is a great value proposition for anyone who likes cases and loves to collect them but doesn’t want to have a whole drawer full of them. When you purchase the case, it will come with a frame, buttons, backplate and rim all in the colors of your choosing. There’s an almost endless amount of designs of backplates on RhinoShields website so you can always change up your case if and when you get bored.

    The case is really versatile as you can use it just as a bumper case or as a full case protecting the back of the phone. RhinoShield makes swapping and installing the new button really simple and they include a cool little visual guide to show you how.

    Depending on which base bundle you decide to go with it will range from the low 30s to high 30s and if you want to get multiple backplates to keep your case looking fresh you’re looking at about $13 per backplate which can add up quickly if you are the collector type.

    RhinoShield knocked it out of the park again with this case providing a wonderful option for those who love customization and are collectors.


    •Endless amount of customization options
    •Great price for initial bundle
    •Awesome build quality


    •Can get pricey with all the backplate options
    •Interchangeable buttons could be easily misplaced

    Coming from a person who hates cases, RhinoShield has quickly become an option that I would use on my phone long term and can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for a case that provides great protection and customizability with the ModNX case.

    Check out RhinoShield for yourself to get your own SolidSuit or ModNX.
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