1. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    1. Camera
    2. iMessages
    3. Pay
    4. iCloud backup, storage & syncing
    5. CarPlay capability

    For me, it’s probably iCloud....
    08-19-2018 11:02 AM
  2. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    I really couldn’t live without any of those but I suppose Messages is most important to me.
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    08-19-2018 11:07 AM
  3. Tartarus's Avatar
    Why are you making it so hard to choose??
    I think iCloud wins by little margin for me.
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    08-19-2018 11:14 AM
  4. cwbcpa's Avatar
    I will preface this by saying that I am absolutely NOT in the Apple ecosystem beyond an iPhone and Apple Watch. I rely on google for personal and Microsoft for business.

    That being said my answer has to be iMessage. If I’m being honest, I get a better experience from my Note 8 and Android with the camera, Samsung Pay and google drive/photos. My car doesn’t support Apple car play or android auto so those don’t matter to me. Two things really keep me attached to an iPhone, iMessages and updates.

    Edit: not sure where this would fall, but I also love AirDrop. I miss it when I’m using an android device.
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    08-19-2018 11:41 AM
  5. calebt's Avatar
    1 thru 4 for me because they are all related to family compatibility.
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    08-19-2018 12:37 PM
  6. LVMHgirl's Avatar
    iMessage first because we communicate by text for everything (work and personal) and rarely ever use the phone to “call” except for the occasional hello and stuff like making appointments or reservations.

    iCloud is second. But the downside is that since it’s a sync feature and not storage, you can accidentally delete an item from your photos/phone/address book etc., and it’s gone. So while it doesn’t replace backing up everything to your comp/ext drive it’s handy when you need to restore or get a new device.
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    08-19-2018 03:46 PM
  7. rellyrellz's Avatar
    Damn. I guess iCloud (photos) because of having my daughter I need to make sure my pictures are “safe” rather than no iCloud and possibly losing my phone with all her pictures on it. Camera could be tied with iCloud and iMessage next
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    08-19-2018 06:45 PM
  8. taz323's Avatar
    Between 1,2, and 4, The one would be 2. iMessages.
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    08-19-2018 11:08 PM
  9. AugustVance's Avatar
    Definitely iMessage for me.
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    08-19-2018 11:20 PM
  10. eyecrispy's Avatar
    Umm. Umm. iCloud by a slim margin over iMessage.
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    08-20-2018 05:18 AM
  11. Annie_M's Avatar
    It's a really close call between iMessages and iCloud, but the camera is also extremely important to me.
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    08-20-2018 08:20 AM
  12. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    Adding a 6th choice : PRICE!!!

    Because if price isn't in the ballpark, the others choices really don't matter. :-)
    08-20-2018 08:32 AM
  13. ksassy's Avatar
    iCloud then a close second is iMessage.
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    08-20-2018 08:47 AM
  14. Wotchered's Avatar
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    08-20-2018 08:57 AM
  15. Vega007's Avatar
    If I have to choose one of those, it would be iMessage. But even that isn't that big of a deal for me. The reason I love my iPhone and don't want to part with it for some Android phone or something is the bluetooth (that W1 chip is all that and more) and the haptics.
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    08-20-2018 03:17 PM
  16. doogald's Avatar
    Since I don’t actually have to choose one, my answer is all but 5. Though hopefully Apple will add a car-mode CarPlay on the phone when you’re in a car without CarPlay, like Android has.
    08-20-2018 06:09 PM
  17. theKHMERboy's Avatar
    well for me I been using iPhones since the blackberry phase died out and the reason being is because I like the iOS software vs android software. not going to lie but samsung and some other phones are nice but I will stick to my iPhone. and the one main thing I love about iPhone is the camera and video quality. I honestly think its one of the best cameras compare to other phone
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    08-20-2018 07:00 PM
  18. o4liberty's Avatar
    Camera and I message for me but the entire eco system is great best out there.
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    08-21-2018 09:13 PM
  19. ladyc0524's Avatar
    I would have to say iMessage. iCloud is a very close second
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    08-21-2018 09:18 PM
  20. TheRewardisCheese's Avatar
    Camera first, and iCloud second for me.
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    08-23-2018 11:12 AM
  21. TripleOne's Avatar
    Makes my life easier
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    08-26-2018 06:01 AM
  22. mumfoau's Avatar
    Only being allowed to select “ONE”, I’ll have to go with:

    4. iCloud backup, storage & syncing
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    08-26-2018 06:16 AM
  23. calebt's Avatar
    4 first then the others are equally important
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    08-26-2018 06:18 AM
  24. bakron1's Avatar
    Actually for myself it’s the integration between the iPhone and my iMac desktop which has sold me on the iPhone.
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    08-26-2018 06:57 AM
  25. Terb's Avatar
    #4 for me
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    08-26-2018 11:19 AM

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