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    If you are looking for a wallet case that can not only help you avoid carrying your physical wallet but also provides sleek and good protection for your iPhone X, then look no further than iPulse iPhone X leather flip wallet case.

    Review: iPulse iPhone X Leather Flip Wallet Case-20180525_135453.jpg

    This iPhone wallet case uses handcrafted premium Italian full grain leather and comes in Black color. Unfortunately, there is no tan color available. The black still looks good though.

    The premium leather finish makes it great to hold. The finish is also super smooth. The magnetic flip closure is strong and so far has worked flawlessly during the times I used the case. You can either just flip the magnetic closure or just open the wallet case which will also release the magnetic closure easily. All in all the quality is top notch!

    Review: iPulse iPhone X Leather Flip Wallet Case-20180525_135513.jpg

    While the exterior excels in its look, the interior excels in standing to its name - wallet case. It has 2 credit card slots and one identification card slot to carry your photo ID, preferably your driver's license. On top of that, you also have a dedicated bill compartment to slip in some cash or bills. Pretty neat.

    Review: iPulse iPhone X Leather Flip Wallet Case-20180525_135549.jpg

    The TPU cradle is not the strongest but will hold your phone firmly without any issues. To install the phone into the TPU cradle, just slide in on the left and then press on the corners.

    The 2 credit card slots can hold up to only 1 card on each. You could also use the other slots - identification slot and/or the bill compartment to hold more credit cards if you prefer that. When you close the wallet, notice the gap between the slots and the display - this is a good thing so that cards don't scratch the screen.

    One thing to remember though. The wallet case will make it bulky carrying your iPhone X around. That is by design. The more cards you try to fit in, the bulkier it gets. Here is what it looks like with 4 cards - 2 on the credit card slot and 2 on the bill compartment slot with a drivers license.

    Review: iPulse iPhone X Leather Flip Wallet Case-20180525_135634.jpg

    The thing I like about this case is the fine cutout for the earpiece that allows you to talk while the case is closed. This helps a lot so you don't have to keep the wallet open during the call.

    Review: iPulse iPhone X Leather Flip Wallet Case-20180525_135702.jpg

    The case also doubles as a kickstand. The kickstand just works off of the phone weight and has only one supported angle. But its still good for that video call or that occasional entertainment.

    Review: iPulse iPhone X Leather Flip Wallet Case-20180525_135808.jpg

    One thing to note is that this wallet case is not a smart cover so, closing the wallet using the magnetic closure will not turn off/on your display.

    Overall, I love this wallet case. I have been using this along with my other cases and love the simplicity. I was able to go out just with this case and not the wallet. With Apple Pay and the ability to carry 2 cards along with a Photo ID, I am all set to free my physical wallet.

    The iPulse Leather Flip Wallet case for the iPhone X is available for $69.98 (or at a discounted price of $34.98 if valid) from the iPulse's website.
    05-25-2018 04:07 PM

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