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    Moshi Moshi! Or in other words, Hello! As mentioned in my other Moshi review, the word “Moshi”, is used to say hello in Japanese, specifically when answering the telephone. Whether through clever design or happenstance, I think it’s pretty cool because every time you have a Moshi case on your phone, it’s like saying “hello”, to the world. Not only are you saying “hello”, but there’s so many ways you can say it. Not only does Moshi make fantastic phone cases, they also have an abundance of other cool products as well, which you can find on their website. However, today, let’s say “hello” with the StealthCover case!

    [REVIEW] Moshi StealthCover for the iPhone X-20180409_214541.jpg

    The Look: The StealthCover case is a fancy little number that really breaks outside of the traditional folio case mold. At first glance, the reason they call it the StealthCover, is because the cover does just that; it allows you to see and use your phone (limitedly), while the folio cover is closed. The folio is translucent, meaning that you can see through it. It’s not completely see through like a clear folio cover would be, but it’s subdued just enough to allow you to see some of the display features, use FaceID to unlock your phone for Apple pay, and even talk on the phone while the folio is closed. One of my biggest hang ups with folio-style cases is that you can rarely use them while the folio is closed, which is a big deal, especially considering the industry-wide microphone issues with the X when talking while the folio is open – it messes with the microphone feedback. So, being able to talk with the folio closed is a paramount consideration for the iPhone X; well-noted, and job well done to Moshi on this one. The rest of the case is just as thoughtfully crafted, from the Moshi branded magnetic hasp, all the way to the well-designed cutouts for the speakers and Lightning Port connector. If you’re interested in picking up one of these sleek folio cases, it comes in two colors: Gunmetal Gray, and Champagne Pink.

    [REVIEW] Moshi StealthCover for the iPhone X-20180409_214600.jpg
    [REVIEW] Moshi StealthCover for the iPhone X-20180409_214634.jpg

    The Feel: The StealthCover has a great, non-slip feel to it. One of the great enhancements to the overall grip on this phone is the fact that the folio is secured to the rest of the case by a magnetic hasp (thank you, jeebus!) I love the idea of Folio covers, but in reality they don’t always pan out as well as I’d hope that they would. I like having a folio cover to flip over the front of my phone, but rarely do they have some form of hasp that helps keep the folio secured, so that it protects the screen and doesn’t flop around. Thankfully the Moshi StealthCover has a clever little magnetic hasp which has just enough juice to keep the folio closed, but doesn’t make it difficult to open. Looping back around to how this helps hold the phone, the secured folio helps to provide a more unified body design that is easier to hold. The overall texture of the phone is nice and has a great feel. The bumpers and edges of the case have a slightly more rubberized texture, which contrasts nicely with the solid polycarbonate backplate. Another nice addition is the premium leather on the spine that binds the folio and the rest of the case together, which feels and looks great.

    [REVIEW] Moshi StealthCover for the iPhone X-20180409_214642.jpg
    [REVIEW] Moshi StealthCover for the iPhone X-20180409_214737.jpg

    Security: Believe it or not, the StealthCover is actually MIL-STD rated for drop-protection (0810G, it doesn’t have a defined amount of feet that you can drop it, but if you’re interested in reading about the cool history of MIL-STD rating, here’s a link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIL-STD-810). In addition to MIL-STD drop protection, the magnetic hasp that I’ve been fawning over throughout this review also helps to keep your phone safe by keeping the folio closed. Normal folio covers flop around and don’t stay in place, especially if you drop your phone. If this one is sealed, it will/should stay closed during drops or falls. Last but not least, the camera is recessed on this case which provides flat-surface protection for your camera if you set the phone down. All in all, this case has a great feel and adequate security for what you’re getting.

    [REVIEW] Moshi StealthCover for the iPhone X-20180409_215053.jpg
    [REVIEW] Moshi StealthCover for the iPhone X-20180409_215136.jpg

    Decision Making Concerns: Normally this is the section where I try to contrast some of the draw backs and reasons that I would personally recommend or not recommend the phone, but honestly I don’t have much negative criticism for this case at all. The only thing that I’ve noticed while using it is that the backplate of the case seems to pick up surface scratches fairly easily, which is a little annoying, but it really doesn’t detract from the overall appearance. Fingerprints and smudges haven’t been too bad with this case either. The case looks sharp and feels great, and I’m really digging the translucent cover with the magnetic hasp. I’m used to leather-style folio cases, so this has been a nice change of pace for me. I have to say that this case probably has taken the cake in the design category, at least in the non-leather department. It would be nice if I could use it as a wallet as well, but then that would defeat the purpose of having the see-through folio. All in all, it’s really a fantastic case.

    [REVIEW] Moshi StealthCover for the iPhone X-20180409_215144.jpg

    Conclusion: If you’re in the market for a functional and fashionable folio case for your iPhone X, I definitely recommend the Moshi StealthCover. I think that Moshi has done a fantastic job with the overall design and functionality of this case, and there really aren’t many compromises at all. It looks fancy, it works great and it keeps your phone safe, which is about all that you can ask for in a case. The price is well-balanced too, especially coming from a notable brand like Moshi.

    If you’re interested in picking up one of the Moshi StealthCover cases, you can find them over on their website for $39.95: https://www.moshi.com/StealthCover-f...#gunmetal-gray – Interested in picking one up or have questions about the case? Leave your thoughts and questions down in the comment section.
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