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    What is a “Moshi?” Well, it is technically a formal way of saying “Hello” in Japanese, but only when answering the phone. The Japanese language is quite reformed and formal when it comes to many things, especially greetings. The proper way to use “Moshi”, is to say “Moshi Moshi” when answering the phone, which is actually quite relevant to the brand Moshi. The Moshi brand has been around for quite a while, and has many different ways of saying “hello”, when greeting people with your phone, which takes the form of different kinds of cases. So, every time you put Moshi case on your phone, you’re telling the whole world hello! It’s quite novel, I think. Whether they intended for their brand name to mean that I’m not quite sure, but I think it’s quite clever…. So, this is a formal “Hello”, from the Moshi Superskin case!

    [REVIEW] Moshi SuperSkin Case for the iPhone X-img_0818.jpg

    The Look: The overall design of the Moshi Superskin is quite…. well, for lack of better words, it’s super! If you’re familiar with these crazy thin types of cases, then you’ll probably have an idea of what I’m talking about when I say it’s crazy thin. For sure it’s not designed to give you 10ft of drop protection, but it is designed to give you as natural of a feel as you can possibly get on your device, and the Superskin does that really well. As soon as I took it out of the box I was actually quite marveled at seeing such a thin case. You can actually bend and twist it a little bit; it’s curious and unnerving at the same time, but it works really well. The case snaps on your phone quite easily, but it’s still snug enough that you don’t have to worry about it slipping off. I have had another brand of super thin case before and it was so tightly manufactured that I could barely get it on the phone, so this was a welcomed change. One of the most appealing reasons to get this case is that it’s essentially nude, and gives you an almost unadultered experience when carrying around your phone. I’m definitely a minimalist and I appreciate having next-to-nothing on my phone, especially when contrasting it with some of the bulkier style cases that are out on the market today. The iPhone X is a fancy and gorgeous piece of technology (and expensive…), which means that you want to show it off to the world. That wonderful bit of showcasing is lost when you put the phone into a case that obscures and hides the beautiful form-factor of the device, so being able to use the Superskin and show it off is an extra benefit for me! The Superskin case comes in two colors, which complement the iPhone X really well; it comes in Stealth Black and Crystal Clear.

    [REVIEW] Moshi SuperSkin Case for the iPhone X-img_0821.jpg
    [REVIEW] Moshi SuperSkin Case for the iPhone X-img_0823.jpg

    The Feel: When it comes to these super thin style cases, grip is extra important because you don’t have the extra padding and bumpers to protect your phone from the slips and drops of life. The Superskin has a modest grip on it, which was surprising considering the sleek appearance of the case. The case is made from a flexible-polymer material, but it has a non-slip finish over it that helps enhance your grip on the case. Now, it’s certainly not texturized or rubberized, but for being a transparent and sleek material, it has ample grip. One extra feature that helps give it the extra grip is the sleek, thin profile of the case. Sometimes bulkier cases throw off the natural grip of the phone by modifying the form factor and adding extra padding; not so with the Superskin. The Superskin keeps the natural form-factor intact and makes for easy holding of the device, alleviating some of the slipperiness concerns even more. The only real ding that I have for the overall feel of the Superslim case is that overtime it starts to build up a bit of a residue on it from the natural oils and other things that your hands and phone come into contact with. It wasn’t a problem at all at first but after about a week, I found that I had to clean it off to restore that original finish and feel to it. Otherwise, the ergonomics and feel of the case are solid.

    [REVIEW] Moshi SuperSkin Case for the iPhone X-img_0826.jpg
    [REVIEW] Moshi SuperSkin Case for the iPhone X-img_0827.jpg

    Security: Well, if you’ve seen any of the pictures or read the early part of my review then you have probably put two and two together already… the case is not very protective at all, but it’s not designed to be. It’s ultra-slim, and slides across the finish line with an unbelievable 0.35mm of thickness, which is just uncanny. The SuperSlim case is designed to add an extra layer of surface protection to your phone without taking away from the form-factor of the iPhone X. It’s also designed in a way that allows you to show off the sleek design of your phone, regardless of color because of the transparent nature of the case. So, if you want something that helps prevent surface abrasions and day-to-day surface wear from setting your phone down on desks, tables, counters, and inside of your pocket, then the SuperSlim is definitely for you. However, if you’re looking for something that has reinforced bumpers and added security features like drop protection, you should probably shy away from this one.

    [REVIEW] Moshi SuperSkin Case for the iPhone X-img_0828.jpg
    [REVIEW] Moshi SuperSkin Case for the iPhone X-20180328_234206.jpg
    [REVIEW] Moshi SuperSkin Case for the iPhone X-20180328_234117.jpg

    Decision Making Concerns: The biggest complaint that I have regarding this case is the finish/coating; it picks up scratches really easily. By scratches, I mean those pesky little tiny surface scratches and abrasions that you commonly get on your phone if you leave them unprotected, but… this isn’t so bad because hey, the scratches aren’t getting on your phone, so the case is working as designed. However, after just a week’s worth of usage, you can see just how riddled the case is with tiny little scratches. It’s not quite holding up as well as I would expect for a $30 case. The other concern I have about the finish is that it seems to catch fingerprints, smudges and oils very easily, which kinds of dulls the finish and needs to be cleaned off regularly. This may not be a concern for some people but I wanted to go ahead and highlight it for anyone who may be interested in buying the case.

    [REVIEW] Moshi SuperSkin Case for the iPhone X-20180409_214854.jpg
    [REVIEW] Moshi SuperSkin Case for the iPhone X-20180409_214910.jpg

    Conclusion: I like the case a lot. I really like how thin it is and that it allows me to show off my fancy iPhone without obscuring the form-factor, or the cleverly matched color. I’m not crazy about the finish of the case because of the scratch an residue concerns, but honestly this is pretty well on-par with what you would experience with the glass surface of the phone if you went sans-case anyway, so it’s really quite an understandable experience adjustment considering what the case is designed to do… which is give you a natural and realistic feel to the device.

    If you’re interested in picking up one of these nifty Moshi SuperSlim cases, you can pick one up today on Moshi’s website for $24.95: https://www.moshi.com/ultra-thin-cas...#crystal-clear – If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down in the comments section.
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