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    Wallet folios are not a new product by any means. They come in many shapes and sizes with varying amounts of usability. Mous's Flip Wallet is one of the few I know that attaches via magnets. I believe I mentioned in my Mous Limitless 2.0 review that the case has four magnets inside on the corners. This was to allow future attachments for the case, and one of those is the Flip Wallet. One of the first things you'll notice when you remove it from the packaging is that the spine is massive. That's actually not a bad thing because most folio's bulge when you start to put cards and cash in them. The Mous does not bulge, at least not as much and only when you really pack a lot of bills inside it. That is all because the spine is so huge. You also don't see a lot of stitching on the folio, and what you do see is symmetrical. I do have to say, the Mous Flip Wallet is one of the more aesthetically pleasing folio's I have come across. The entire exterior is a flat black leather only broken by minimal stitching, the Mous logo in the bottom left corner of the front (which is also black), three holes at the top center of the front for phone calls, and the card slot on the back of the folio. Yeah, a slot on the back, I like that a lot. It gives you an extra card slot and it's a great place to store your ID. While there is no dedicated ID slot with a clear cover, I believe the back is a great place for it as it is easy to get to. The only other thing you'll find on the back is the camera cutout, as it is all black blends in really well. Some people like this, some don't, I'm still undecided, however, the case only closes with a magnetic clasp that just hangs off the folio. It looks nice when it's closed though.

    The inside of the folio is where you'll find all the good stuff. On the flap where you place your phone, you'll find it's studded with little rubber pads to protect the back of the Mous Limitless case and it's only broken for the cutout that says Mous. That cutout aligns perfectly with the matching cutout on the back of the Mous Limitless and is hidden while your phone is in the folio. You'll also find the entire interior is felt lined, which is very welcome. On the left flap where you place your cards and bills, you have three slanted slots for your cards on the front side of the bill flap. The bill flap is very easy to use, unlike on other folio cases. The card slots are lined with a different material that I can't think of the name of, but it does make it easier to put cards in and take them out. That being said, cards can be a little annoying to take out of the slots because they are so close to each other and you can't just slide them out. You still need to get a finger around the back a little and pull the card out. I would like to see Mous split these slots apart a little more and maybe add a tiny little slant that makes it easier to swipe your cards out. I mentioned a new trick, didn't I? Yes, well the interior of the spine has an elastic band on it. Do you know what it's for? If you do you've probably used a wallet like this one before. It is used for you to store notes, as they market it. That's just smaller bits of paper you slide through the elastic band and keep right there in your folio. It's neat, but I'll probably never use it myself. Mous does claim perfect alignment with the four magnets for attachment, but I find I still make a minor adjustment when I put my phone in. Very minor, but I'm picky that way.

    The Good
    Four card slots
    Felt-lined interior
    Neat classy real leather exterior

    The Bad
    Cards aren't as easy to take out as I'd like
    No stand option
    A little bulky

    You may have noticed I covered something in my dislikes that I didn't mention earlier, and that is the lack of stand option. This is pretty standard on most folio cases now. It's a feature I've come to really like about folio cases, even ones with magnets. While I don't use it all the time, I do find I use it more than I would have thought. What would make the Mous Flip Wallet one of my all-time favorite folio's would be adjusting the cards slots for easier access and adding a stand feature. Despite that, the Flip Wallet is one of my favorite folios in design. It's an absolutely beautiful folio. It's even cheaper than the Apple leather case, and depending on which material for the Limitless 2.0 case you buy, the combo can be cheaper than the Apple folio case and other competitors. For the full leather combo that I have, it's $110, and $145 would be the highest cost if nothing is on sale. If you already have a Limitless 2.0, I recommend you check out the Flip Wallet here. It's only $45 and despite lacking a useful function, it's a fantastic folio.
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