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    Cheap Isn't Always Bad
    I wasn't sure I wanted to buy another Patchworks case after the one I bought for my iPhone 7 Plus. However, I knew a lot of people really liked the Level ITG. I couldn't not try it though, not for the price. The prices vary a little and I paid full price for the red color I bought. I loved it as soon as I put it on my iPhone X. That's rare for me to find in a case. Now the case itself is nothing really to write home about as it is all polycarbonate. It feels very much like hard plastic on the back, which is also the worst part about this case. The Patchworks Level ITG has a terribly slick back. You can easily slide your phone many feet on any smooth surface. There is only the Patchworks logo in the lower right corner of the back when it really needs some texture or grip. The bottom and lower sides of the case, however, do have grip. A lot of grip even. Compared to the similarly priced Silk Innovations Base Grip, I believe the Patchworks Level ITG has better grip. Another thing to note is that the color of the case is only on the back and about halfway into the sides where it meets the black front of all the cases. I like this design personally.

    As for your cutouts, the microphone and speaker cutouts are generous and will not get in the way, the lightning port cutout is wider than most and is almost past the screws on the bottom of the phone. The mute switch cutout is also large enough to cause no issues with accessing the mute switch, and the camera cutout is also generous so you don't have any issues with taking pictures. However, the camera isn't quite centered in the cutout, this is just a personal pet peeve of mine. Unlike many other cases though, the buttons are very tactile and clicky making them quite enjoyable to use. The lip over the screen is also large enough to actually protect your screen if you drop it face first or like to lay your phone screen down. The only other branding on the Patchworks Level ITG is on the left side at the bottom where it says Patchworks.

    So why did I love this case as soon as I put it on? While it is a basic design, the Level ITG fits the iPhone X so well and the grip is on the side is so great. Then you click the buttons and it's very clear this is a serious case at a budget price. You can buy anywhere between three and four of the Level ITG's for the same cost as a standard name brand case, and it's better than most of them. You really don't want to skip over this case because of it's price. Not only do you get everything I've mentioned already, but it's also rated for MIL-SPEC 810G drop protection and has a cutout inside the case to place a metal plate for magnetic car mounts. The overall functionality, protection, form factor, and feel of the Level ITG make it a considerable option. It is also very easy to put on and take off. In my opinion, the only things Patchworks could do to improve this case is to center the camera in the cutout and add some texture or grip to the back.

    The Good
    Great Grip
    Tactile Buttons
    Great cutouts

    The Bad
    Slick back
    Limited colors
    Camera not quite center

    King of the Budget
    Last year I spent a lot of time buying many cheap case options. I was tired of spending $40+ on cases and not being entirely happy with them. While there are a great number of cheap cases for phones, it's a very hit and miss market. Even from the same company, like Patchworks. When I bought my Level ITG the prices varied from $10 to $15 depending on the color. I paid the full $15 for my red case. In the same price point, and even higher price points, the Level ITG is a worthy contender. I will probably always get one early on when I need a cheap case quick. I highly recommend it, you can check it out on the Patchworks website right here. Now if you buy directly from Patchworks, the Level ITG is $25, I bought mine from Amazon sold from Patchworks and it even has the genuine authentication sticker and number.
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