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    It Should Be Required
    This is probably going to be a shorter review as it is only the screen protector. I did review the Peel case for the iPhone X a while back, and now I have their edge-to-edge screen protector. I also have some issues. Firstly, you can only really apply it once because after that it doesn't sit quite right. I had to remove mine for a couple days to use an Otterbox Defender, the Peel edge-to-edge screen protector didn't like that and now I have numerous air pockets under the protector. Secondly, it's very difficult to line up properly as there is no guide in the box to align it. It should be required to have a guide with edge-to-edge screen protectors. Because it is so difficult to align, it's usually off just enough to cut into the screen a little which prevents me from seeing the edges clearly. It's a little disappointing because it is otherwise a great screen protector. The black edges match perfectly with Apple's and the glass feels great. Naturally with all edge-to-edge screen protectors though, it doesn't work with all cases. You'll know it doesn't work due to the edges being pushed up and you'll see a large air pocket form. The Peel case is obviously the best choice of case to use with the Peel screen protector, but there are a number of cases that work just fine with it. I just really wish they had included a guide, but I digress. You can buy the edge-to-edge screen protector directly from Peel on their website here for $29.

    The Good
    Great glass
    Great feel
    Blends in seamlessly

    The Bad
    A little expensive
    Doesn't align quite right
    Can really only be applied once

    Disclaimer: Ignore all the air pockets in the photo, as stated it didn't fit on quite right after reapplication.
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