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    If you are looking for something different in a case for your iPhone X, then you should consider Cover-Up’s Stone Explorer collection for the iPhone X. Unlike traditional cases which come with nothing but a boring back that is constructed with standard materials, Cover-Up Stone Explorer cases come with real stone back hand crafted from real slate.

    Cover-Up Stone Explorer Case for the iPhone X-20180105_074007.jpg

    Cover-Up offers 14 different stone finishes in their Stone Explorer collection. I got the Aztec Gold stone finish for my iPhone X. The first thing you will notice when you pick up the case is just how light it is. That is because the back slate is nothing but an ultra-thin layer just enough to give you that natural look and feel of the stone finish. As this is handcrafted, every case’s finish is unique with its own look.

    To the put on the case, just slide in your iPhone X and snap it along the four corners. I just love the feel of this stone finish. Though it is natural stone, it gives you a smooth feel that is comfortable to touch, hold and at the same time is not slippery.

    Cover-Up Stone Explorer Case for the iPhone X-20180105_075218.jpg

    The stone back along with a shock-resistant polycarbonate outer shell allows the Cover-Up Stone Explorer case to provide optimal protection for your iPhone X with a unique natural style.

    Cover-Up Stone Explorer Case for the iPhone X-20180105_074111.jpg

    • Unique look and feel
    • Form-fitting
    • Good side grips

    • No raised lips on the front
    • Some may find the side grips not thick enough
    • Slim or no protection

    The next immediate thing you will notice is the side grips. This is one of my favorite parts of the Cover-Up cases. They have textured sides that give you the much-needed grip when you are holding your phone. However, since iPhone X’s size itself is not that huge and the fact that the case doesn’t add any noticeable size increase, the side grips may not be good enough for you to hold on to. I feel Cover-Up could have added a bit more thickness to the sides to address this issue as they do with their iPhone 7/7 Plus Woodback Explorer cases.

    Cover-Up Stone Explorer Case for the iPhone X-20180105_075500.jpg

    I quite like the fit here. The case is form fitting and most importantly your phone doesn’t weigh a ton with the case on. Looking around, you will not find any loose spots. In the front, the case has raised lips along the top, bottom and the sides. However, I think they are not raised enough to protect the screen. Before you decide to rest your phone face down, I would highly recommend you to install a screen protector to go along with this case.

    Cover-Up Stone Explorer Case for the iPhone X-20180105_074309.jpg

    It took me a while to get used to the side buttons due to their smoother texture. While the buttons do provide full coverage and good tactile feedback, the smooth texture sometimes made it harder for me to easily reach them, especially with the volume buttons. Luckily, the power button is long enough in the iPhone X so you will eventually get there in one way or another, unlike the volume buttons.

    Cover-Up Stone Explorer Case for the iPhone X-20180105_075729.jpg

    The cutouts on the front are precise. I was able to reach and operate the mute switch with ease which is an important factor for me as I use that switch a lot on my iPhone. I also did not find any issues using the Apple Lightning cables with the charging ports, as the cutouts though thin, do provide good space for the cables. I do not use any 3rd party cables and hence I was unable to try them out in this case. Depending on how thick the 3rd party cables are, they could potentially pose a problem with the port cutout.

    Cover-Up Stone Explorer Case for the iPhone X-20180105_075615.jpg

    The camera cutout on the back is well raised to protect it from any damage but the downside is that this raised cutout can collect dust from your pockets. This has been one of my problems with iPhone X cases and Cover-up isn’t any different.

    Cover-Up Stone Explorer Case for the iPhone X-20180105_075742.jpg

    If you are looking for a lightweight protection against knocks and bumps with a unique look, then Stone Explorer case will not disappoint you. While there are many cases that provide wood backs, including Cover-up’s own Woodback Explorer cases, there is no doubt the stone finish will stand out and give you that unique look and feel that you don’t get with other cases.

    Cover-Up Stone Explorer Case for the iPhone X-20180105_075808.jpg

    You can browse and purchase the Stone Explorer collection from Cover-Up’s website for $45. Remember that what you are paying for is the hand crafted stone finish design/look rather than for the ultimate protection for your iPhone X.

    If you are using the case or if you have any questions regarding the case, let us know by replying to this thread below!
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