1. tbernardi's Avatar
    I have to say.. after 2 weeks of use.. I love Face ID... I prefer it over Touch ID personally.. I know some don't agree and that is fine...

    But I really wish I didn't have to swipe up to unlock the phone. I have heard the arguments on why we need to swipe up so you can see the notifications...

    I'm not buying that after two weeks of use... I really want an option to unlock my phone just with a glance at the phone.. Face ID works too well to also need to swipe up. My honest opinion.
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    11-30-2017 09:41 PM
  2. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    I love FaceID as well, but I like the swipe to open feature. I keep my phone in a dock on my desk and it is always facing me. I don't want my springboard showing every time I get a notification and the screen turns on.
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    12-01-2017 09:16 AM
  3. bakron1's Avatar
    I also love the face recognition feature and mine works very well, even in dimly let areas. I have only had to use the numeric code to unlock the device a few times.
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    12-01-2017 09:29 AM
  4. iamdld's Avatar
    Not sold on face id. For me it works around 75% of the time. Hopefully the next iPhone will have both or at least an OLED screen on the touch id version.
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    12-01-2017 12:36 PM
  5. salscott's Avatar
    3 days with the X- face id is greatness
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    12-01-2017 01:51 PM
  6. tbernardi's Avatar
    It really should be very easy to give us the option with a settings preference. Clearly that would be a very simple software change.
    12-01-2017 08:23 PM
  7. TripleOne's Avatar
    I’m enjoying Face ID too.
    Definitely looking forward to the second gen of Face ID.
    12-02-2017 01:12 AM
  8. LCW's Avatar
    FaceID is awesome... super fast and just works.
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    12-03-2017 01:18 PM
  9. TripleOne's Avatar
    After a month, I still prefer FaceID over TouchID.
    I know that speed will catch up in time, but overall it’s simpler and better.
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    12-03-2017 07:01 PM
  10. popkurn611's Avatar
    I like it a lot but realized that today when I got the shower that it wouldn't recognize my face. I didn't have my glasses on and my hair was wet. Pretty interesting and annoying at the same time!
    12-03-2017 07:11 PM
  11. Mits5139's Avatar
    I’m really enjoying my Face ID. Initially it was the one thing putting me off buying the X. But it’s quick. Literally unlocks in the dark on most occasions and works through my polarised sunglasses so bonus.
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    12-10-2017 02:34 PM
  12. Blaalad12's Avatar
    I love it. Rarely does it fail and when it does its usually first thing in the morning or if flat on a table. I find it a little annoying when i just tap to check the time and it unlocks when i didnt want it to unlock though lol
    12-10-2017 03:43 PM
  13. deku13's Avatar
    3 days in and Face ID is fantastic. Fails about as often as Touch ID or less. Really like it for app purchases
    12-11-2017 08:49 AM
  14. Lefty724's Avatar
    Same here. Face ID was the reason I wouldn’t buy an X. The iPhone X is just too damn sexy though, I had to have one and I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I like Face ID now.

    I’ve only had my X for a few days, but so far very impressed!
    12-11-2017 09:21 AM
  15. LCW's Avatar
    Loving it here also. It’s so fast! And very well tied into keychain also for website passwords. Prefer it over TouchID in every instance other than when it’s lying flat on a desk or night stand.
    12-11-2017 11:05 AM
  16. nr2d's Avatar
    I’ve had Face ID fail only once and that was because 1/2 of my face was covered by a hooded sweat jacket. Not Face ID’s fault. Other than that 1 time Face ID has worked flawlessly!
    12-11-2017 12:10 PM
  17. LCW's Avatar
    Works when I put a ball cap on... crazy.
    12-11-2017 12:13 PM
  18. Lefty724's Avatar
    Works when I put a ball cap on... crazy.
    Yup. I wear a baseball hat and sunglasses every single day and it works 100% every time.
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    12-11-2017 07:52 PM
  19. AugustVance's Avatar
    At first I didn’t think Face ID was the future or more advance than Touch ID. Well I had to go back to using my 8plus for a weekend while I decided which I wanted to keep and Face ID actually ended up winning it for me. Definitely better than Touch ID. Not in all circumstances, but more than less in my experiences.
    12-11-2017 09:33 PM
  20. sekelani's Avatar
    I’m on the fence wit Face ID. I have inconsistency. It sometimes works depending on the orientation I’m holding the phone and the position of my face when I’m in bed it never works as I tilt my head with a pillow blocking parts of my face. That’s where I miss Touch ID
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    12-24-2017 06:43 AM
  21. Raptor007's Avatar
    I find it works about 90% of the time, some issues do occur, but it shouldn't take as long to unlock as it does at times.
    12-24-2017 07:26 AM
  22. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    FaceID is great, in my opinion, and although it works 99.9% of the time for me, I would prefer it recognize my face and unlock my iPhone a tad bit quicker, and I’m sure it will with the next iPhone.
    12-24-2017 07:51 AM
  23. henry007's Avatar
    Face ID is cool but there's a new bug now that makes the swipe up gesture fail and stops the face ID from working until you sleep and wake. It's so weird.
    12-26-2017 09:59 PM
  24. TripleOne's Avatar
    Face ID is cool but there's a new bug now that makes the swipe up gesture fail and stops the face ID from working until you sleep and wake. It's so weird.
    What iOS are you on?
    12-26-2017 10:36 PM
  25. henry007's Avatar
    What iOS are you on?
    iOS 11.2.1
    12-27-2017 04:27 PM
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