1. geebee1932's Avatar
    I have been using a Nomad wallet case with my iPhone X. Just about everyone said the phone sounded like I was under water and very muffled. I discovered that if you fold the front cover of the case against the back of the phone it covers the mic that is located in the rear camera bundle. This mic apparently is used to reduce background noise during calls. I have seen a few posts that the Apple wallet case produces similar results.
    11-29-2017 09:02 AM
  2. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    I am not certain about the Apple case, but any wallet case when folded back over the iPhone will block the mic on the back of the phone. This is not limited to just the iPhone X. It applies to any of the recent iPhones.

    Just use the phone with the flap dangling when on a phone call
    11-29-2017 12:38 PM
  3. anon(10000748)'s Avatar
    Sounds like you need to start using speaker phone or a Bluetooth headset
    11-29-2017 04:07 PM
  4. TripleOne's Avatar
    I never fold the front cover when having a call with a wallet case.
    11-29-2017 09:30 PM
  5. digitalbreak's Avatar
    If you are looking for a wallet case without the flip, then here is one I reviewed in iMore - Mujjo Leather Wallet Case.
    11-30-2017 12:16 AM
  6. swarlos's Avatar
    I have a wallet case, it holds 10 cards, cash and a coin zipper.
    What case is that?! Sounds like it would be huge!!
    11-30-2017 03:50 AM

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