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    I'm sorry, if this has been asked or covered. I tried reading how fave ID works, to find out if Apple uses a feature which I think my help apple's face ID get better.. but I couldn't find anything ok it.

    With iOS 10( or 9), Apple released memories and people's album, where the machine recognises faces, and the sepereates them, and you can then add the names and etc. etc. This happens when your phone is locked and connected to wifi.

    Now Apple has included a lot new stuff in the iPhone X including a neural engine, the secure enclave where Face ID information is stored and the dot projector, and a true depth camera.

    The way I have understood how gave ID works, (in a most basic way) is that when we set it up, it's stores our face details in the secure enclave, and each time we unlock the phone (either by a password, or otherwise) the neural engine and other system processes, confirm our image from the dot projector and camera, with the stored images at the time of setting up, and update it with new information.

    How my question is that, does Apple also send and receive information that it collected( and is collecting) from iOS 9 or 10, from the face recognition of people's in the photos, to the secure enclave to better analyse stuff, because that would be a better way for face ID to figure my face out.

    A person probably has 100's of photos of himself along with others. The machine learning and artificial intelligence can differentiate the faces. When I seperate my photos with others, and if that information of the photos is sent to the secure enclave, to combine it with the information received from the tru depth Camera and dot projector, when I set up Face ID and unlock it everytime, after a point of time, my iPhone would be able to recignise not only me, but even other people. And in future could lead to adding more faces to unlock the phone( like family members, etc) which it learned from the photos app.

    Also, since the contacts app lets us add relationships, the photos app, and the system knows who's my mother, brother, etc.

    Does Apple use this technique of combining face information from photos app learning and Face ID learning?
    11-17-2017 10:39 PM
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    Hopefully, the information found via the following link will be useful to you.

    11-18-2017 06:57 AM

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