1. James Falconer's Avatar
    I had a HECK of a time trying to sort out iPhone X upgrades on Rogers for my wife and I. Anyone else out there in Canada experience the same?

    Turns out our plans were so old, that they needed to be updated to a more current plan before I could upgrade. However, as I was doing so (would add new plans to my cart to view testing), it became apparent that there was/is NO way to remove items from the shopping cart on their site.

    Asked live chat and phone support for advice, and all anyone could tell me was 'clear your cache and cookies'. Did so in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, nothing worked. Very strange, and very frustrating.

    Even more frustrating, they wouldn't take pre-orders over the phone. So, I had to update our plans online - the process of which was weird and confusing... and THEN submit a phone update, which again was confusing. When I completed this for both of our lines, it looked as though we were being charged extra.

    I appreciate Rogers' coverage but they definitely need to put some time into their online and live support. After talking to 10 agents (not kidding) I spoke to a great guy that helped me out with everything... Still - I wasted much too much time on the process.

    ...and I still have 3 orders sitting in my shopping card that I can't remove lol

    11-06-2017 10:24 AM
  2. wilber1's Avatar
    Hey James, as usual Rogers Never fails to impress .
    11-06-2017 02:45 PM

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