1. msm0511's Avatar
    Front selfie camera. Go knights go. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/201...eccbb728ef.jpg
    Yay! Another hockey fan!
    05-27-2018 10:12 AM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    Yay! Another hockey fan!

    Yeah we went to WCF game 3 vs Winnipeg. We had a great time. So glad we won since this pair of tickets cost me $600. Haha.
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    05-27-2018 02:16 PM
  3. violetjune's Avatar
    Absolutely ginormous triple layer chocolate cake I made.
    Attachment 123116
    Playing with Portrait Mode
    Attachment 123117
    OMG I could eat that all up right NOW
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    05-27-2018 11:15 PM
  4. violetjune's Avatar

    My Bailey Blue ❤️
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    05-27-2018 11:17 PM
  5. akutch34's Avatar
    Yeah we went to WCF game 3 vs Winnipeg. We had a great time. So glad we won since this pair of tickets cost me $600. Haha.
    Go Caps!!!
    05-30-2018 03:15 PM
  6. camaroz1985's Avatar
    Go Caps!!!
    Where is the thumbs down?
    05-31-2018 01:12 PM
  7. akutch34's Avatar
    Where is the thumbs down?
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    05-31-2018 03:54 PM
  8. Andrew Clark1's Avatar
    Come on Vegas
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    06-01-2018 10:39 AM
  9. Evilguppy's Avatar

    House is in full remodel and my pitbull hates the noise so I’m on hardcore cuddle duty until it’s over
    06-02-2018 03:40 PM
  10. Garz's Avatar
    Before game 5 today at T-Mobile arena with my game 5 puck. We lost the Stanley Cup but couldn’t be prouder for my team thats a first year team making it to the Cup.

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    06-08-2018 02:44 AM
  11. Anastayja1's Avatar
    06-13-2018 03:47 PM
  12. mogelijk's Avatar
    A few pictures I took Saturday:

    The Space Shuttle on the back of the 747 used to transport it:
    Post your iPhone X pictures-img_0197.jpg

    The Mercury space capsule:
    Post your iPhone X pictures-img_0171.jpg

    And the Mercury capsule sitting on a Redstone Missile:
    Post your iPhone X pictures-img_0180.jpg

    The Command Module used on the Apollo 17 mission:
    Post your iPhone X pictures-img_0174.jpg

    A Saturn V rocket engine, 5 of these powered the first stage booster. To get an idea of the size, you can see it just peeking out from behind the Redstone missile, in the picture above:
    Post your iPhone X pictures-img_0184.jpg
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    06-14-2018 01:10 AM
  13. Darthstorm528's Avatar
    Sunset I took last week

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    06-23-2018 09:47 AM
  14. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Mind if I make a wallpaper with this?
    06-24-2018 11:14 AM
  15. Darthstorm528's Avatar
    Mind if I make a wallpaper with this?
    06-24-2018 03:37 PM
  16. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    I put a border on it.
    06-24-2018 03:39 PM
  17. Mattap's Avatar
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    06-24-2018 11:06 PM
  18. Garz's Avatar
    From my staycation

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    06-24-2018 11:37 PM
  19. nakialjohnson83's Avatar
    From my iPhone X
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    07-03-2018 05:34 PM
  20. Garz's Avatar

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    07-05-2018 01:35 PM
  21. Garz's Avatar
    07-12-2018 11:19 AM
  22. blaine07's Avatar
    07-12-2018 12:43 PM
  23. Garz's Avatar

    Pool day today
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    07-15-2018 02:22 AM
  24. Mark1112's Avatar
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    07-17-2018 07:49 AM
  25. Mark1112's Avatar
    County Fair, from the top of the Ferris wheel. The colors are so vivid. Images are very clear from long range. Very impressive work from the X
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    07-17-2018 07:53 AM
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