1. SkydiverTilt's Avatar
    I'm scouring the review videos and I don't see anyone using a force touch motion. Did it make it to OLED?
    09-12-2017 04:40 PM
  2. AustinIllini's Avatar
    It almost certainly did.
    09-12-2017 04:41 PM
  3. SkydiverTilt's Avatar
    It almost certainly did.
    09-12-2017 04:42 PM
  4. AustinIllini's Avatar
    Why in God's name would Apple move that big of a feature without mentioning a replacement?
    09-12-2017 04:46 PM
  5. SkydiverTilt's Avatar
    I'm just saying there was no mention of it and I haven't seen anything confirming it. Was hoping someone had
    09-12-2017 04:47 PM
  6. SkydiverTilt's Avatar
    There it is

    Tartarus and olliegrl like this.
    09-12-2017 04:49 PM
  7. olliegrl's Avatar
    RECON1 likes this.
    09-12-2017 05:38 PM
  8. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    It's there which is why there is no Touch ID under the screen. Hope you enjoy it! lol
    09-12-2017 06:20 PM

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