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    Having used my iphone 6s+ for a year I felt it has the best iphone display for sharpness and brightness (i chose it over the 6 for these reasons). It is also amazingly fast, but I cant shack the feeling its just too big. Living with it day to day is a chore due to its size and weight. I'm 6 foot and I have large hands and while I have developed the muscle memory to use it one handed I've decided I want a change instead of lugging around a mini tablet. Always having to take it out of the pocket when I sat at my desk or driving my car. Not really being able to use it while walking because of the fear of dropping it. Its not a convient device to use (FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS). I like to use my phones one handed and its a little tough with the plus size.

    Now of course I had to try the 7+ but felt it was not any different in performance from the 6s+. Not enough to justify the extra cost. The 7 looks amazing in matt black and performances really well but the resolution kinda bothered me (as it did with the 6 and 6s - still not 1080p) and the size is still a touch to too large (wide) to hold comfortable as this phone is as slippery as a bar of soap. I like to use my iphones without a case so was too fearful I would eventually drop it. And the prices in the UK, wow 700 - its a tough one to swallow. Also out of the 2 iphone 7s I tried the display was dimmer and yellower then my 6s+. Meanwhile the display models in the Apple stores are bright and white.....?!

    I've just purchased an iphone 5s as a present for a family member and it reminded me how much I loved the form factor. With a nice Piel frama unipur case this phone fits in any pocket. The SE brings the performance I require, a decent camera and is very light. I've always had black iphones so I thought I'd mix it up I went for a white SE 64gb and couldn't be happier. The white makes the phone look a little bigger to me and while I know there will be a period of adjustment to hit those keyboard targets I will get there in a few days. And for 400, almost half the price of the 7 for what feels to me like a device which performs just as well. Ok so its half the storage size of the 128GB but I dont need that much space.

    Here's to Apple either keeping the SE size alive of shrinking the 8 down (and making the screen 1080p at least).
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    10-09-2016 05:26 PM
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    Welcome to the club of the rare small phones!

    I hope that you'll adjust to the keyboard soon enough. I really like the little powerhouse that the SE is.
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    10-09-2016 09:25 PM
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    The one you like is the one that suits you most.
    10-21-2016 01:48 AM
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    I had an iPhone 6 for a few months and couldn't stand it. I prefer the size of the SE as well (maybe even a little bigger, 5"), but it was the build quality I couldn't stand with the 6/6s/ and now 7 matte black or white. I need grip on the back of my phone because I too like going without a case, so the SE just feels better, better design (the 6 and 6s had bendgate, screen separate from body and resulted in "clicking", etc). Now, the jet black iPhone 7 feels perfect in my hand and the size doesn't bother me. I could've used the 6 with one hand had it not been for it being so slippery.
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    11-01-2016 03:52 PM

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