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    Hi Everyone!

    Back with another game for iOS. Tried something a little more complex than my last game. This is an endless runner game with a space theme.

    The goal of the game is to move the obstacles out of the way of your spaceship. You can do that by simply swiping on the screen. Survive long enough and you will enter "hyperspace" and will warp to the next level.

    The game gets faster and the obstacles become increasingly more difficult as you progress. The obstacles are randomized so each playthrough should be unique and challenging.

    Here's a video I've made for the game:

    I've uploaded some screenshots of the game as well.

    Any comment or feedback would be much appreciated! Hope you enjoy the game!

    Download the game:
    Attached Thumbnails Space Helix - Interstellar Run (Free Game)-screenshot01_9x19_5eng.jpg   Space Helix - Interstellar Run (Free Game)-screenshot02_9x19_5eng.jpg   Space Helix - Interstellar Run (Free Game)-screenshot03_9x19_5eng.jpg   Space Helix - Interstellar Run (Free Game)-screenshot04_9x19_5eng.jpg  
    07-12-2019 01:25 PM

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