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    Join Gem Blitz with exciting match-3 puzzle rpg adventure through the beautiful islands. Discover secret island create combinations of 3 candy and more in a row. Gem Blitz is a fun match-3 puzzle game taking place in the magic kingdom. Enjoy each and every stage with unique challenges and find the power heroes!


    Gem Blitz is the most popular puzzle game with powerful diamonds and candy. Bring the joy anywhere, anytime with easy-to-use controls and unpredictable gameplay.


    In Gem Blitz – Match 3 RPG, you will enjoy the combination of a puzzle game and a rpg game. Drag the gems and diamonds to create special spells for the heroes. Match 4 jewels can win the jewel's bomb and 1 lighting. Match 5 jewels can win color-changing jewels and ultimate skill of heroes.


    The special feature of Gem compared to other match 3 puzzle games is Gem Blitz bring on a defense and a role-playing game in a puzzle game. Use your heroes to defend the wall against monsters.

    Gem Blitz features:

    ● Bright and colorful graphics
    ● Multiple strange new worlds to explore
    ● 100+ heroes collection with a lot of powerful skills
    ● Match gems to build up special attacks of heroes
    ● Over 200 levels to complete with the land of fairy tales in your adventure.
    ● Unlock boosters and special dragon eggs!
    ● Easy and fun to play, challenging to master.
    ● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!

    Get Gem Blitz now from Google Play only if you love fun games for free! Enjoy the best match 3 puzzle game and special rpg game straight on your Android device today.

    Link download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gem-...mUvbUpU3046024

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    thank you, have nice playing time
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