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    Play the classic trick taking Las Vegas casino game! Spades : Card Game, a top hardwood spades game you can play online or offline at your own convenience.
    Open your bag of tricks, grab you pack of cards to experience the joy of being at Las Vegas casino and playing your favorite internet spades card game. With some crisp clear, easy to read cards and quick animations Spades is a popular card game. It’s a perfect to game for you if you love to play spades free games like spades plus, spades online multiplayer or offline.

    Quick Tips:

    – Try and protect your partner if they bidding a blind nil in internet spades.
    – Always play your aces first to take spades tricks before the other players run out of the specific suit.
    – To avoid spades sandbags, try to be as accurate as possible when bidding your tricks.
    – If the opposite team bids a blind nil, be sure to try everything to give them a trick.

    Key Features:
    * Universal app, optimized for all devices including iPad
    * Spades is free to download and install
    * Play it online or offline, your choice
    * Eye catchy graphics and animations
    * Free to download, install and play
    * Realistic feel of sitting on a spades table

    Are you a fan of top Las Vegas casino or trick taking card games? Are you looking for a popular card game like hardwood spades for your device? Or you want to play top spades game free? “Spades : Card Game” is a perfect choice for you. You need not to go a casino or at any other place to play game of spades but you can play this internet spades at the comforts of your own place. Have fun!

    Download from app store:
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