1. jr866gooner's Avatar
    Hi all.

    Quick question about the about game. Now I've got motorsport manager on iPhone and set to try it for the first time tonight. I must have historically downloaded it and forgotten! May have been an app of the week. Now I've seen this title advertised on a sega game on pc so wanted to give it a spin as I thought it was made by Sports interactive. Anyway I re downloaded it today ready to try properly and noticed a motorsport manager 2. My confusion comes in as it's by two different development teams. The one I have is made by Christian West. Motorsport manager 2 is made by play sport games limited.

    To me they are the same franchise but now I'm not sure. What's confusing is Sega is promoting the 1st one on their site but it's seemingly not a big dev team as such whereas the 2nd one appears as the bigger title. Can anyone clarify if the 2nd one is in fact the follow on from what I see as the first title!
    08-04-2017 12:36 PM
  2. jr866gooner's Avatar
    I think I've worked it out. Stupidly the 1st app has a dev name of the director (Christian West) whereas the 2nd version is under the actual company name! Doh!
    08-04-2017 02:29 PM

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