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    You still do not know the cutest raccoon Candy? She is waiting for you in the fascinating world of educational games for kids!
    All the guys know that popping balloons is fun.
    And with Candy Raccoon it's also informative!
    In addition, the developing game "Candy Raccoon: Balloon Games for Kids" allows you to pop balloons with benefit.

    The game has 5 locations:

    1. Balloons
    2. Soap Bubbles
    3. Fruits
    4. Sweets
    5. Space

    In all locations you can click on various flying objects and the world around them.
    The game is filled with sounds and animations. Each location plays its own unique melody.
    During the game, the child will be able to perform simple tasks and, together with Candy Raccoon, enjoy his/her achievements.
    The game teaches children figures, simple account, forms and colors, gives understanding of the relationship "big - small," concepts "edible - inedible" and to recognize emotions.
    Raccoon Candy helps in the development of coordination and accuracy.

    Two versions of the game are available:
    free (lite)
    Make friends with Candy Raccoon and find out many new and useful things!
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    Thanks for sharing your game! Please review developer guidelines and update your post as needed to meet the guidelines.

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