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    Funny Brick [FREE]-funnyb.jpg

    Funny Brick is the next funny family game out. The game plan is how high you can reach whilst avoiding the obstacles? You can collect lives and immortality for limited time to help you reach a higher level.
    - This game will not only put your skills to test but improve your brain reactions and make you smarter!
    - Simply tap the left and right sides of the screen to guide the brick in each respective directions
    - Ensure you avoid all the obstacles and achieve the highest score
    - Try to get the additional bonuses to get more points.
    - Don't quit!

    iTunes -

    Nice play
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    Good luck with your app!
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    02-20-2017 03:22 PM
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    Good luck with your game app. Thanks for sharing it with us!
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    02-20-2017 04:00 PM
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    Best of luck with your app.
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    02-20-2017 07:05 PM
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    Thanks for sharing your new app with us, webfen! Best of luck!
    02-21-2017 05:16 AM

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