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    pseudo is the anonymous social experience. Find in real time what’s going on in your area. Pure anonymous chat, in real time with others nearby. Then set up a fav location to always see what’s going on in your hometown or on campus! Live local and fav anonymous feeds will keep you connected with those around you.

    Anonymous chat messages, add a #hashtag to your post to make it seen worldwide! Use the range slide to adjust how far away your post can be seen. Only want it to be seen at the festival near campus you’re at? Set the radius to 0.05. Want your post to be seen across the city? Set the radius to 5!

    Make an Impact in your area! Each post, vote, and interaction earns you a larger impact. Larger impact, larger reward?

    pseudo Spaces are live real time chat rooms relevant to you! Talk in real time to others based on these spaces. Spaces are generated based on location, device info, apps, and pseudo hashtag trends! The first and only real time fully anonymous live chat on iOS!

    Browse the World feed to see activity from others around the world!

    No profiles or sign-up needed! pseudo will always stay 100% anonymous and profile free! Your personal information will never be exposed to others!

    @gopseudo #gopseudo

    We are still in the early stages but would love feedback from the community!
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    01-18-2017 02:24 PM
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    Thank you for sharing you app with us. Best of luck!
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    01-18-2017 02:41 PM
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    Make sure to join the #inauguration2017 anonymous live chat room today! Speak Feely!
    01-20-2017 10:34 AM
  4. pr1nce's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your app.
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    01-21-2017 12:21 AM
  5. taz323's Avatar
    Best of luck with your app.
    gopseudo likes this.
    01-21-2017 06:27 AM
  6. gopseudo's Avatar
    v1.1.13 Changelog:
    - Improved world feed
    - Improved UI
    - Improved favorite feed picker
    01-27-2017 01:32 PM
  7. gopseudo's Avatar
    We have a build going to Apple for review soon. Mostly bug fixes.

    If you'd like to join our beta testing, contact us via email or message here! We will open our beta builds up to the general public soon!
    02-03-2017 12:33 PM
  8. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Thanks for the App update! Good luck! PM sent!
    02-03-2017 02:36 PM
  9. gopseudo's Avatar
    - Improved UI
    - Improved functionality
    - You can now sort your favorite feed
    - You can now post to your favorite feed
    - Feeds now refresh more often
    - Spaces now refresh more often
    - Multilingual support
    - We are now translating post/messages on the fly. So we now try and show a post in your device's set language. Opening up a new possibility of true world wide communication!
    03-17-2017 11:14 AM
  10. gopseudo's Avatar
    - Bug fixes
    - UI improvements
    - Feed improvements
    - You can now select when a post is shown in the world feed
    - New Spaces chat feed
    03-24-2017 10:32 AM
  11. gopseudo's Avatar
    - You can now create and add custom Spaces! You can now create Spaces for websites, Subreddits, and create based on a custom ID to share with friends!
    - Improved load times
    - UI improvements
    - Expanded push notifications
    04-14-2017 11:06 AM
  12. gopseudo's Avatar
    We have setup a #Coachella live chat room for weekend 2 of the festival
    04-21-2017 03:04 PM

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