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    Slaughter is a new third-person shooter with a single-player campaign and survival mode.

    Single-player campaign:
    The game takes place in a dark deserted city, captured by local gangs.
    The protagonist named Russell was captured by psychopaths and now forced to flee the city.
    Very soon he finds out that the city is full of tricks: psychopaths are experimenting on the same prisoners like him.

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    Each level contains a fight with the boss at the end. Enough intense fighting with a lack of ammunition. You have to look for weak points of the bosses, as it was in classic NES games.

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    Level design in "Slaughter" is quite diverse and it represents different parts of the city, each with own unique architecture, from tight industrial areas to open dark alleys.

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    Survival Mode (Arena mode):
    In survival mode, you need to fight against waves of enemies.
    With each wave enemies become more and more agressive. All you need is to survive 10 waves.
    The action takes place in special arenas. Some enemies are made specially for arena mode, specially balanced for this type of game. For kills you get the money and experience.
    On the money between waves you can buy weapons, hire soldiers to help or buy a turrets.
    Some weapons are also made especially for the survival mode and brings more variety.
    Gain experience you increase your level, thereby opening access to new weapons.

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    Controls in “Slaughter” are minimalistic and comfortable. On the left side is invisible movement joystick, on the right side — aiming area. Aiming is assigned to a separate button, the shooting is automatic when the enemy gets in the crosshairs.
    Also supports some types of gamepads. For their work do not need anything - just plug and play.

    Game trailer:

    App Store link:
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