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    == Arena Quest RPG ==


    I just released Arena Quest RPG a few days ago for iOS. It is a party based action RPG of sorts, described by some as Battleheart meets Diablo.

    == Features ==

    • Party based action RPG combat.
    • Multiple heroes with different class roles and unique abilities.
    • Randomized loot, with over 200 powerful unique items to be found.
    • Over 40 achievements to complete, each unlocking an equippable combat bonus.
    • Item enchanting.
    • Tactics mode that allows pausing of the game to issue buffered commands, adding an extra layer of strategic depth!
    • Simple touch controls.
    • Gameplay only, no disturbances - No ads or in game purchases.

    == Paid + Lite version ==

    iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aren...mUvbUpU2841768
    iOS (Lite) - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aren...mUvbUpU2841768

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    Welcome, and thank you for sharing your app with iMore. Hopefully, a lot of our members will check it out and give plenty of feedback. If you haven't already please take a few minutes to read the App and Developer Rules & Guidelines. Good luck with your app. App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums
    10-29-2016 01:21 PM
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    Thanks for sharing your app. Good luck.
    10-29-2016 01:24 PM
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    Best of luck with your app.
    10-29-2016 04:31 PM

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