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    TV Shows Tracker helps you easily track all your favorite tv shows and discover new. The app let you browse more than 40 000 TV shows on-the-go and find where to watch them across HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, and dozens of other premium services. Simply add a show to your 'Wishlist' and TVShows - Free TV Series Calendar Watch Tracker will keep you in the loop on when and where to watch it.

    Add the shows you like to a [Wishlist] and let the app take it from there.
    [Search] for the shows and instantly find out when and where to watch them.
    Always know whats on the [Top] - [Today] or [On air]. We will keep you posted on stars rates to get you inspired.
    Find backdrops, trailers, cast and crews, posters, descriptions, and many other aspects in relation with a [Calendar] view that displays all the shows the ones you like with [Heart]. You always can hide the shows you don't care about from your [Wishlist].

    + Low consumption of network traffic.
    + The app UI is slick and clean - everything is broken down into nice little categories that show you exactly what you want to see.
    + Push notification settings give you [More] fine-grained control of the notifications you receive when:
    • there are new episodes from your shows;
    • a new episode is about to air;
    • a show got a premiere date;
    • a show got cancelled or resurrected.

    + Synopsis, screen captures and video previews of new episodes.
    + iCloud sync between your devices.
    + A Today Widget (for devices with iOS 8).
    + Syncing in-app Calendar and iOS Calendar (there's no need to open the app to sync the calendars).
    + Options to make settings of show time for the shows from your [Wishlist].

    App Store Screenshots
    TVShows - Free TV Series Calendar Watch Tracker [UNIVERSAL]-screen696x696.jpegTVShows - Free TV Series Calendar Watch Tracker [UNIVERSAL]-screen696x696.jpeg
    TVShows - Free TV Series Calendar Watch Tracker [UNIVERSAL]-screen696x696.jpegTVShows - Free TV Series Calendar Watch Tracker [UNIVERSAL]-screen696x696.jpeg
    TVShows - Free TV Series Calendar Watch Tracker [UNIVERSAL]-screen696x696.jpeg

    Enjoy the app!
    TVShows - Free TV Series Calendar Watch Tracker [UNIVERSAL]-icon75x75.png

    App Support at support@persapps.com
    iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tvshows-free-tv-series-calendar/id1046485800?mt=8

    The application uses data from over 40 APIs. All pictures and videos are provided by the public third-party media services. YouTube and YouTube logo are trademarks and properties of Google Inc. YouTube logo is used for information purpose only. This application is not associated or sponsored by Google Inc.

    Please note:
    This application is meant to keep track of your favorite TV series or TV shows. You cannot view episodes within this application.
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    Thank you for sharing your app. Good luck with it!
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