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    You like fairy tales? You'll like this game - https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/hidden-objects-fantasy-games/id1117382073?l=en&mt=8


    *** Features:
    More than 1000 hidden objects to find!
    Amazing HD graphics 3D environment!
    Text mode - good for kids for learning object names!
    Many beautiful levels!
    High scores list!
    Hint system!


    From the official description on iTunes Store:

    "*** Hidden Objects Fantasy is an awesome adventure game where you can find objects in fantasy pictures that our creative designers made for all fans of fantasy games free. Enter the fantasy paradise and walk in a magic forest of imagination and enchantment! Get lost in your daydreams while you solve puzzle games hidden objects in stunning pictures! Explore different levels of the fantasy world and search and find hidden objects in fantasy landscapes! Fantasy hidden objects are finally on your device! You may come across a watermelon, book, desk globe, or a pair of scissors! If you look carefully, you may find enchanted sleigh, flying sailing boat, or other imaginary things! Write your own fantasy story with these free hidden object games! If you're a fan of mystery and you want to become a true detective at finding hidden things, you're at the right place! Train your brain and your concentration in the best learning game ever! Revise your vocabulary and let your kids learn new words in these awesome hidden object games for free!"

    09-21-2016 04:06 AM
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    Welcome, and thank you for sharing your app with iMore.

    Hopefully, a lot of our members will check it out and give plenty of feedback. If you haven't already please take a few minutes to read the App and Developer Rules & Guidelines. App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums. Good luck with your app.
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    09-21-2016 07:02 AM

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