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    BoxNSeek is a competitive multiplayer arcade mobile game, available on both iOS and Android (Cross-Platform). 3 Seekers team up against 1 invisible player named Shadox! Seekers must eliminate Shadox by shining their torch on him and drain his health. However, Shadox will be invisible to all Seekers unless in the light, so Shadox must use his stealth skills to sneak up on unsuspecting players and eliminate them with a single touch.

    Available for both iPhone & iPad (Universal)

    ○ Enjoy intense real-time multiplayer rounds
    ○ Play as Shadox who is invisible to all other players, unless in the light
    ○ Play as a Seeker and work as a team to find Shadox
    ○ Eliminate Seekers with a single touch
    ○ Drain Shadox’s health using your torch
    ○ Earn coins to unlock costumes and maps
    ○ Customize the look of each character

    Preview Pictures
    BoxNSeek (by SNT Gaming) - New Release! [GB][FREE]-0x0ss.jpg
    BoxNSeek (by SNT Gaming) - New Release! [GB][FREE]-0x0ss_03.jpg
    BoxNSeek (by SNT Gaming) - New Release! [GB][FREE]-0x0ss_02.jpg
    BoxNSeek (by SNT Gaming) - New Release! [GB][FREE]-0x0ss_04.jpg
    BoxNSeek (by SNT Gaming) - New Release! [GB][FREE]-0x0ss_05.jpg

    BoxNSeek is a super fun game to play and is visually brilliant (if you like the colour purple). We would really appreciate it if you could help spread the word as the more people playing, the more available rounds.

    AppStore Link
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    We wish you great success with your app. Take care...
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