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    So far, I've tried almost 50 weather apps in the App Store, kept around 30 or more of them installed. Out of that 30+ weather apps, only two give notifications/alerts for incoming rain:
    - Rain Notification (by Tube Player, Inc.), and
    - 1 hour before Rain (by David Mac Cartney).

    I'd say the first app works around 7 out of 10 times, while the second one works around 1 out of 5 times.

    Ironically, while these apps aren't as "well-built" as Accuweather, The Weather Channel, Weather Undeground, and WeatherBug, at least these two deliver rain notifications! All these "well-built" apps have delivered NOT a single notification even if it was already flooded outside.

    I'm aware it's because of the fact that I'm in Southeast Asia, in the Philippines to be exact where we get hit by 20 typhoons each year on average. Remember Typhoon Haiyan? That 300+ kph typhoon that almost literally erased an entire city? But I find it ironic that the two apps I've listed aren't really well-maintained apps. I mean, one of them (if not both) are still in version 1.0! How is it that two "simple" apps can deliver such a basic weather service worldwide while the well-maintained ones don't?

    Anyway, any other apps that you are aware of that give rain notifications just before it rains, or within a specified time before it rains?
    These are the apps that I have installed/tried that are supposed to work (because it was listed as a feature or there's an option for such an alert in the settings) but don't work:
    - Will it rain? (but at least this one displays the estimated amount of rain for the day in the tile badge)
    - Umbrella Time
    - RainAlarm (contacted the developer, says he doesn't have access to our local radar data)
    - Raincoat (delivers only a daily outlook, not a pre-precipitation warning)
    - Weather (the default app, which sources it's data from The Weather Channel)
    - Yahoo!Weather
    - Wunderground
    - The Weather Channel
    - Storm (apps displays a warning, but it won't notify me. Developer says alerts are not supported outside of the U.S., but that wasn't the point since the apps was saying there was a typhoon nearby I'm sure they could code it somewhere in there such that when such a warning is present the users nearby will be notified).
    - WeatherPro (yes, the premium subscription version isn't working so far; but it delivers daily outlook reports; good support, though)
    - Accuweather
    - MyWeather (only a daily outlook)
    - Weather Line (and all the other forecast.io apps, such as Precipitate, Crisp, FreshAir, Aerium, etc.)
    - 天气预报 (only a daily outlook... in Chinese)
    - Moji Weather
    - METEOplus (good potential here, but looks like supported ended years ago)
    - Weatherplaza (good for lightning notifications (80% reported), but 0% for precipitation - (contacted the developer, says they don't have access to our local radar data))
    - The rest are local apps (Project NOAH, Ambon Alert, WeatherUP, iTyphoon, Weather PH)

    Thanks in advance!

    I've sent an email to the local weather agency (and I have direct contacts there), but I doubt they'd come up with a working weather app anytime soon.

    Yeah, that adds up to only 24 apps installed. The rest of the weather apps I have never promised that feature; some of them are barometer apps.
    07-16-2016 12:31 PM
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    You probably need a sensor up in the clouds for a precise alert. I usually look at the clouds.

    The weather is a very fickle thing..
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    07-16-2016 12:56 PM
  3. gpobernardo's Avatar
    You probably need a sensor up in the clouds for a precise alert. I usually look at the clouds.

    The weather is a very fickle thing..
    If it was a joke (I'm poor at jokes): If only the sky weren't so cloudy.

    If it wasn't a joke (as you can see, I'm poor at jokes): I'm planning to get a Netatmo personal weather station, in addition to my vintage 1800s barometer, thermometers, and analog and digital hygrometers.
    07-16-2016 01:52 PM

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