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    I would like to share with you one nice and simple app, which is also very powerful. It is the iOS version of popular Chrome and Mac app called Instant Translate. Both versions have already been featured in its stores a few times and remarked by a few popular tech blogs.

    • Simple and clean design
    • Text-to-speech for over 70 languages
    • Offline history with search
    • Cross-platform
    • Translates text in 104 languages
    • A lot of synonyms and transliteration
    • Ad-free

    History is placed directly above the current translation. Thereby, in order to take a look at what you translated earlier you should just scroll up a little bit in just one tap! Moreover, search through items is available.

    Of course history is available offline as well. It serves as both cache and history: without internet connection you're able to translate what's present in the history it will be simply taken from there and displayed as the current translation.

    We work hard on improving the app, so a little bit of feedback from you would be very appreciated!

    We have two versions of the Instant Translate for iOS: free and pro one. In the pro-version, you can additionally tune text-to-speech speed.

    Pro version on the app store

    Free version:

    Forum-ombudsman at Instant Translate,
    06-26-2016 07:19 AM
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    Welcome , and thank you for sharing your app with iMore. Hopefully a lot of our members will check it out and give plenty of feed back. If you haven't already, please take amount and read: App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums
    Thank you again and best of luck with your app.
    06-26-2016 07:31 AM
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    Welcome to iMore, thanks for sharing your app and best of luck to you in all your endeavors!!!
    06-26-2016 07:42 AM
  4. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your app! Good luck with it!
    06-26-2016 09:11 AM
  5. pr1nce's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your app. Good luck.
    06-26-2016 10:25 AM
  6. pr1nce's Avatar
    [NOTE] Moved to iPhone Apps & Games Forum [/NOTE]
    06-26-2016 10:27 AM

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