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  1. Chuck_IV's Avatar
    So I just came over from a life on Android(Samsung Note 2 then 4).

    With that said, when in the car, I put my phone into a dock and on Android, I used a program called Carhome Ultra. It has 6 large buttons to use and customize to anything you want. I had Waze linked to one. On others, I had direct dials to important people, so all I had to do was touch the button and it would dial to that person. What was also cool was this program would auto launch when my phone connected to a specific Bluetooth connection(in my case, a Jabra hands free kit.

    Is there any iPhone app that is similar to this? I am trying iCarHome but it isn't very flexible in changing what a button does. I looked through the App Store and didn't really see anything.

    I am a bit surprised by this as it seems like something people would want. Anyway, any suggestions?


    Holy smokes, not used to typing on the iPhone keyboard yet. Corrected LOTS of spelling and grammar issues.
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    04-14-2016 02:20 PM
  2. Highrisedrifter's Avatar
    I honestly don't think there is and I doubt Apple would want to integrate such a thing themselves as their Carplay function is trying to get traction in the industry.

    I found this on the App store but have no idea if it's any good -

    EDIT: It looks like it suffers from the same problems as the one you suggested above.
    04-14-2016 03:07 PM
  3. Chuck_IV's Avatar
    So, after playing with iCarMode, it's not that bad. While it's not nearly as good as Car Mode Ultra on Android, it will suffice for what I need it for.

    I need to have a couple important numbers at the ready, to be able to dial when needed in the car. I didn't want to have to fumble around the Contacts screen. ICarMode does allow me to set buttons on a secondary page to be direct, quick dials.

    Now with that said, I'm thinking Siri handle direct dials and there may be no need for this anyway. I know on my Note 4, it never quite did the voice dialing right for me. I'll have to see how Siri handle it. I suspect it will be better than Android.
    04-15-2016 07:43 AM

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