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    My Convoy is a user location application.

    [IMG="View Your Convoy"][/IMG]
    [IMG="View A Comrade"][/IMG]
    [IMG="Manage Your Convoy"][/IMG]
    [IMG="Draw Geographic Zones"][/IMG]
    [IMG="Shout Geographic Messages"][/IMG]

    Hello! I made this app over the course of 8 months by myself. I quit my job at EMC Corp/Dell to pursue my dream of having my own software startup. Please share and support!

    Add your friends, family, colleagues, whomever you like to your Convoy and allow them to see your location in real-time.

    Simply toggle someone whether you want them to receive location updates from you.

    This application does not prioritize any specific individuals or use cases. The vast flexibility of features and options allows everyone to use it however they find it useful.

    • College Students - On a night out, add your group of friends to your Convoy incase you get split up. Set a home zone to automatically notify your group that you've made it home safe.
    • Restaurant Hopping - Never lose your group of friends again on a lengthy 'restaurant' hop.
    • Lonely Walks - Not to worry, your Convoy has your back on those lonely walks home.
    • Businesses - Electrical contractor company can track their employees out in the field.
    • Families - See where your family members are at all times, e.g. elders, children, parents, etc.
    • Outdoor Activities - See your hiking party on the map and activate emergency mode if lost or in danger.
    • Large Gatherings - Never feel lost in a large crowd again, e.g. music/art festivals, concerts, parades, etc.
    • Disaster Organization - My Convoy will provide you an easy way to locate and communicate with those you care for during a disaster.

    • Toggling - Ah, the simplicity of toggling. It's as simple as toggling a comrade whether you want them to receive location updates from you or not. You can even toggle yourself which will start/stop location tracking completely.
    • Desktop App - Find your lost phone or use Convoy at the office or even on your Smart TV.
    • LIVE - Everything is real-time happening right on the screen and fully automated
    • Security - All data is encrypted using latest technologies in cryptography.
    • History - View history for eternity. Or until the user deletes their history.
    • Emergency Mode - Send an SOS or activate emergency mode. Your Convoy will be notified, PLUS every My Convoy user in a 100 meter radius.
    • Efficient - Utilizes the latest and greatest native features provided by Android. Plus a battery saver mode!
    • Zones - Draw zones on the map however big or small you like. Assign them to yourself or your comrades to be notified on enter or exit.
    • Shout - Shout a message on the map your Convoy can see.
    • Chat - Share messages and media live.
    • Contacts Sync (optional) - Sync your existing phone contacts to see who you know is using Convoy.

    My Convoy will provide you, your friends, family, and colleagues, peace of mind wherever they are.
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    Welcome, and thank you for sharing your app with iMore, please take a moment and read: App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums
    Thank you again and best of luck with your app.
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