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    We recently purchased the GizmoGadget and activated it, but we were unable to pair the device with our iPhones after hours of attempts. We eventually used my brother's android to do the initial pairing and added the iPhones as "secondary caregivers", but we need to transfer the "primary caregiver (admin)" functions to the iPhone since that is the phone we need it on; which is done by reseting the devices and redoing the initial pairing (back to the first problem). There is a huge issue with the app for iPhones. Additionally, there are functions for the App the need to be improved such as adding additional "primary caregivers", making the locations more user friendly, and adding customization the the notifications so we aren't alerted to every notification. At the end of the day though, we'd really like to have the app successfully do the initial pair to the iPhone without issues, that alone would be great. We have been able to pair after the initial pairs, but unable to complete the pairing with the iPhone for the first pairing.
    04-09-2016 01:28 PM
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    Update: So we eventually did a reset to the gizmogaget (only way to change the primary caregiver status to a different phone) and luckily we were able to re-pair it with the iPhone 6 9.2.1 iOS on the first try!

    I would like to add the reason we purchased this device to possibly aid other people with a smilier problem. We purchased this device for our father-in-law who had a severe brain injury and now suffers from a dementia-like state. Since he has recovered very well, he has started to wander away from the house and get lost. We purchased this device to track him and/or call him when he gets lost. We use the geofencing tool to track him; if he leaves the house between 8am-6pm (we can only add 5, 2 hour geofencing times into the device) we are alerted at each 2 hour interval time where his location is
    ; outside of those times, we have to manually refresh it in the app if we want to locate him. The big problem we had is that the band is designed for children; to fix this, we bought a replacement band and used a leather rivet-snap to fasten part of the extra band to the existing band. So far it has worked really well and we have been able to track him whenever he wanders and we get alerts on our phones when he leaves the house. This is a much better alternative than the other expensive GPS tracking devices that require a monitoring subscription; this device only cost us 150 dollars up front and a 5 dollar a month charge on our Verizon bill. Additionally, we wanted to have a medical alert band for him, so we purchased this product called 1bandID which is a medical alert band designed for runners to fit over any size watch; we customized the ID plate and it velcros around the watch. Everything has worked better than expected! We are so thankful to finally have a device to help GPS cellular track my father-in-law with his dementia/Alzheimer's like state. On a side note, I'm not sure of the max battery life with this usage, but we just charge it every night. Here are some pictures, I will add more later; one is a sample of the 1bandID the other is how we extended the band to fit his wrist (since we were worried about it rubbing on his arm, this is the portion of the band that the 1bandID is velcroed over so it doesn't rub).
    Improve pairing for the GizmoHub App GizmoGadget Device?-img_0668.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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    Improve pairing for the GizmoHub App GizmoGadget Device?-img_2854.jpg
    Improve pairing for the GizmoHub App GizmoGadget Device?-img_2855.jpg
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    We are thinking of purchasing the GizmoGadget for my dad to monitor his location. Thank you for all these details. I am nervous about the pairing difficulties you had. We have an iPhone 4s, 5, and SE. Any advice on why the pairing didn't work at first? Or what you did to finally make it successful on your iPhone6?
    07-25-2016 10:14 AM
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    Sorry for the late post, it ended up working better with a more stable cellular connection. Also, only problem we've had with this is that my father-in-law isn't a huge fan of how it looks and my mother-in-law often forgets to charge it and put it on him.
    10-28-2016 12:33 PM
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    Update: My father in law refuses the use the device since he is aware of what its for and he doesn't like the look of it. He often takes it off and tries to hide it. Still similar problems with mother-in-law managing the device and using it. Looking into other options. Maybe the shoe insert or the Samsung Gear S3 LTE.
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