1. GrittyRoughWare's Avatar
    Rainbow Burst


    Place colored squares to make a path through all colors of the RAINBOW, in order, from RED to VIOLET.

    Arrange the squares to create a cascade of multiple colorful Rainbow Bursts for even more points.

    Dropping all squares in a level will create a new row of random colors and advance the squares up.

    Burst as many Rainbows as you can before the colors move too high and the game is over.

    Use the options to vary the game difficulty.

    Saves the top 100 scores for each option setting combination.

    Rainbow Burst - line up the colors of the rainbow and score big points!-screen322x572.jpeg

    04-01-2016 11:37 PM
  2. pr1nce's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your app. Good luck.
    04-01-2016 11:40 PM

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